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Winning Social Security disability if you can’t afford a doctor

It is vital to get regular medical treatment when you are applying for Social Security disability benefits. I have even seen Judges roll their eyes when a claimant says there are no doctors they can see.

But, I don’t have insurance and I can’t afford to see a doctor on a regular basis. What am I supposed to do?

I’ve gone through my savings.

I’ve asked my spouse, parents and other family members to help me get medical care.

I’ve already even applied for Medicaid.

What does the Judge want from me?

I know you feel exhausted and that you have run out of options. But, have you tried the following:

  • You may have community health centers, public health units, and low or no-cost clinics in your area.
  • Your local Department of Human Services can often provide you with which clinic may be able to treat you at either a no-cost or reduced cost basis. Click on the link, enter your city and state into the search query for local information.
  • Colorado offers the Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP) which provides low-cost medical care at many clinics and hospitals.

The Judges are aware of these programs.  If you tell the Judge that you can’t get medical care, but you have not looked in to these options, you may get an eye roll during your hearing.

Unfortunately, navigating these programs is not simple. However, your local Human Services office can help walk you through the steps to get medical assistance.