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Surviving a Social Security children’s SSI audit

California Blogging has a story about surviving a four year Social Security Audit(!)

During the audit they inspect every account, every dime I make and spend.   I am allowed some money from some sources. Services from other government or social programs are not counted against Zachary.  Even though it’s immaterial it’s still audited.  Child support is counted against Zachary and people wonder why I don’t really go after his dad?  During the audit if you are missing a receipt for anything, your worker will make up an amount higher than the average number you have shown.

You can read the entire story on story on California Blogging.

If you have a child on Supplemental Security Income, Social Security looks at the entire household income to determine if the child is financially eligible to receive SSI benefits.

In some cases, this means even if the child is disabled, the family cannot receive any SSI benefits because the household income is too high. I have had cases where the parents wait until the child is 18 to apply, because at 18, Social Security only looks at the child’s income (often zero), not the household income.

But even if your household income is not too high at the beginning, you have to regularly prove to Social Security that your income is below the allowed amount. This results in audits.