Road to the Hills

Winning Social Security disability with unhelpful doctor

Trying to WIN your Social Security disability benefits? Your doctor’s opinion of whether you can or can’t work is critical. If your doctor does not think you can’t work, you are facing an uphill battle in your disability case!

Chances are, Social Security either sent you to one of their doctors for a consultative examination, or had your medical records reviewed by a Social Security doctor. If Social Security denied your disability claim, their doctors probably did not think you were disabled.

So, here is the problem: if the Social Security doctor says you are not disabled and your doctor does not believe in your disability, you may not have the evidence you need to prove your case.

What can I do if my doctor does not support me?

Unless you can get your doctor to change his or her mind, you may need to get a new doctor as soon as possible. You may not be able to undo the damage done by your current doctor, but you can at least provide fresh evidence that supports your disability from the new doctor.

I do not advocate shopping for a more favorable medical opinion. However, if you and your lawyer think that your doctor is biased against you, or against anyone applying for disability benefits, don’t let them ruin your claim!