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Need help finding your doctor’s office in Colorado?

When you apply for Social Security benefits, you will need to provide the name and address of each doctor you have seen for the last several years.

You may have this information for your current doctors, but finding the addresses for your older doctors may be trickier.

How do I find your doctor’s address if she has moved her office?

You can check old business cards, appointment cards, medical records or invoices for this information. You can also check the yellow pages, or check Google.

If all this fails, there is still one more way to track down a doctor.

If you are in Colorado and you have internet access, try ALISON (The Automated Licensure Information System Online). This is the online licensing database for the state of Colorado. If the doctor is licensed in Colorado, you should be able to find the doctor and the his/her current business address.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. In “Search Type,” select “Individuals.”
  2. Click “Go to Search Form.”
  3. When the next page loads, you can enter the doctor’s first and last name and the city where the doctor practices. If you do not know one or more of these, you can leave that field blank.
  4. Click “Begin Search” to see the results.

If the doctor does not come up, check the spelling of the doctor’s name. Also try leaving the “city” field blank. I was trying to find a doctor whom I knew was practicing in Colorado Springs, but nothing came up under the doctor’s name in “Colorado Springs.” I left the “city” field blank and found the doctor right away. What happened? The license listed the city as “Colo. Springs” instead of “Colorado Springs.”

Keep Alison in mind if you cannot find the current address for one of your prior doctors.