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Social Security doctor’s exam secrets REVEALED!

Has Social Security sent you to a doctor for an examination? Here are some things you should know when going to a consultative examination.

The examination begins earlier than you think:

  • You are observed from the moment you enter the office.
  • The observation continues in the waiting area and you may even be observed when you walk back to your car.
  • The examination may include how you walk from the waiting area to the examination room and your ability to climb on and off of the examination table.

Your behavior may then become part of the doctor’s report to Social Security.

In my experience, the chance of a Social Security consultative examination proving that you are disabled is quite low.  Normally, they mostly bolster Social Security’s denial of your claim.  However, you can take that statement with a grain of salt. Most consultative examinations take place BEFORE the initial decision and individuals usually contact an attorney AFTER they are denied. So, I do not see the case where the consultative examination was helpful, because it results in an approval.

  • edwarddunn

    I have a pending SSA Disability appeal in Florida. Attorneys Hill and Ponton are representing me. I am quite pleased with them so far. I have a question for you, a third party neutral attorney. I am waiting on my hearing. It's been about 7-8 months since my reconsideration denial. I got a letter from the ALJ wanting me to go for a CE, which I did. I am a patient of the local VA in Orlando. I have had joint issues from DJD to Osteoarthritis and according to 2 Rheumatologists I have Fibromyalgia. These medical issues have gone on for 20 years. I have medical records from private physicians, 4 VA facilities, and many clinics in 2 states. With all of this documentation, why would this go so far as to waiting for the hearing and the ALJ now wants a CE. My attorney says this judge is known for this, and if the CE examiner writes a favorible review, the judge is very likely to approve the benefits without a hearing. The CE doctor acknowledged that I do in fact have problems, but he took the notion that they were all brought on myself by letting myself get over weight and out of shape. PLease, what is your opinion of this? I am quite curious. Thanks. ED DUNN
    P.S. I love your site, and stumbled onto it by browsing the many different SSAD sites.