Need a Social Security lawyer? Don’t wait until the last minute!

Pop Quiz: Do you save money by waiting to hire a lawyer/attorney until your hearing is scheduled?

Answer:  No.

Why? Read on!

In a normal Social Security contingency fee agreement, you pay the same amount whether you hire an attorney a year before the hearing, or a week before the hearing.

Most Social Security disability cases are taken on a contingency fee agreement:  25% of the back benefits up to a $6,000 cap.  Click here for more information about fee agreements in Social Security cases.

The main difference is how much time your attorney will have to help you!

Hiring an attorney early on has a lot of benefits:

  • The attorney has more time to review and prepare your case.
  • The attorney has more time to get you ready to answer the judge’s questions at the hearing.
  • The attorney has more time to develop your medical evidence.

So, the question is:

If you are going to pay the same amount in legal fees, would you rather have an attorney working for you for 12 months helping you get ready for your hearing, or do you want to pay the same amount and just get a week’s worth of work?