Is your case on track? Call Social Security to make sure!

Tim Moore writes about his experience with claimants who wait patiently for Social Security to contact them after filing a claim or an appeal:

In the case of disability applications, some found that while they continued to wait on an answer, a decision had already been made on their case. In fact, the decision had been made so long ago that the 60 day period in which a claimant is entitled to file a disability appeal had already elapsed. In the case of disability appeals, some claimants who patiently waited on an answer regarding their claim…eventually discovered that the appeal they had mailed in had never been received, or had been lost.

Tim’s article discusses the stages where it is critical to know what Social Security is doing on your case. This is especially true if you are going it alone without a lawyer.

If you have a attorney working with you, he or she knows how long it takes your local Social Security office to complete the steps in your case, and can check the status if things take longer than normal.

I would also add the following tips:

  • Beyond calling to make sure Social Security has received your appeal, I recommend sending appeals certified mail, return receipt requested, so you have proof of mailing and receipt.
  • If you file or appeal online, print out the confirmation pages that the Social Security website provides. You never know when you may need to prove you filed or appealed.

For more tips to prevent Social Security from losing your appeal, read my earlier article.