Some doctors won’t help your Social Security disability case

eNewsMediaMagazine has some tips on building a strong Social Security disability claim:

Tip #1: Choose the right doctor(s).

Regardless of your specific disability, you will need medical documentation. The only way to do this is to visit at least one physician. Ideally, that would be an experienced, respected doctor in the field of your disability. The more specific the doctor to your disability, the more credibility he or she will have. For instance, if you claim to have back problems, but only see an MD for treatment, your records will probably not contain much useful information other than pain medication.

There is nothing wrong with this tip. However, for many people choosing which doctor they see is just not an option.

If you are treating through a community health center, you are lucky to see a doctor for more than a few minutes, let alone choosing which doctor you see.

Many clinics which serve the poor, low income, and indigent “don’t want to get involved with the disability system.” This means that the only doctor you can see, may not want to fill out a residual functional capacity form for you.

Well, isn’t that just great!  The only doctor you can afford to see does not want to help you get your Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid which might actually help you get the care you need!  If you are in this position, sometimes you just have to shake the tree a bit to get some results.

Look the doctor in the eye and ask if he thinks you can work?

If the doctor answers, “no,” tell the doctor that without his or her help, you will probably be denied (which is true if you are unable to document the limitations caused by your disabilities).

Sometimes, a bit of brutal honesty helps shake a bit of humanity out of the bureaucracy many clinics are mired in.

Read the rest of the article here. March 2, 2009 update: Sorry, the linked article is no longer available.

Have you had good or bad experiences dealing with your doctors?  Share your experiences in the comments.

  • N J

    In reviewing my medical records, I found that I had asked my doctor while I was out on medical leave from work about whether I could/should apply for disability. She wasn’t informative or cooperative. I forgot/gave up and didn’t seriously consider applying until a few years later…after I had been without income for years, became homeless, my condition had seriously worsened, and I was on state disability/welfare.

    I have found that doctors in the suburbs, who treat mainly middle-class folks, don’t know and don’t WANT to know about state disability or SSDI. Go to a downtown clinic that serves poor and homeless–those doctors routinely do all kinds of benefits paperwork and aren’t so reluctant to give an opinion about your level of disability.

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Lady A

    I just read this whole thing, and I do not live in Colorado.. I happen to live in Indiana, and I have been with my therapist ever since the age of 14… I am 24 now. She has not been cooperative with me for a LONG time!!! The disablility I have, I had it since I was 5 years old. Didnt know I had a disablity until I got in the 7th grade. But all the years, I knew I had a serious problem!

    The doctor that I am seeing now, I have went to her to get some forms filled out, and she would always give her crazy opinion saying “This is for people who were born this way”. As far as I’m concerend? Having it since the beginning of school, is being so called “borned” with it! 

    I havent been to her office in a long time, because of her unprofessionalism as far as her attitude, and the way she talks to people – she’s very disrespectful. So for me to keep the peace of mind that I have, and not lash out at her like i did plenty of times because of it.. I choose not to see her anymore! My mother goes for me in my stead.

    But it seems as though she gives my mother a hard time too! My mom told me that, she turned in some papers for her to sign, and she said that the doctor would get her secretary to pull up some files. So everytime she comes back home, mother would tell me the samething as far as what the doctor said about getting her secretary to pull up files!

    This doctor has a habbit of lying! She tells my mother this last time she went to go see her about the papers, that she had already faxed them. If that was the case, why didnt she call me or my mother to let us know of this? And why is it when I asked my diability case worker if they recieved a fax from my doctor,  they said they didnt recieve anything?!!!y I even asked her to write a short narrative reguarding the diablity I have, she’s not even cooperative with that! I know for sure that she’s a bold face liar, and thats the mess that I have put up with for too long!

    I am in the process of finding a new doctor. I’ts difficult, because I dont have any medical nor health insurance, and my  parents arent even helping me as much as they can! I am alomost to the point of giving up, but something in me wont let me. I am SO determine to get this disabilty money, and I wont stop until I get it! A lot of people does not get disability because of stupid doctors like mine, or they just give up. It takes patience and determination to win disability.

     The more they drag.. the more money you are going to get… Thats how I look at it. You will get diablility, I dont care whats standing in you’re way.. it can be stupid people, or the people you care about thats not 100% in your corner, but as long as you dont give up, you WILL get it!

    • http://www.facebook.com/latoya.simington Latoya Simington

      Thank you I am going though the same thing now, and I know that if I don’t give up it will happen. GOD already told me so.