Can children get Social Security benefits because of disabled parent?

If an individual is disabled and entitled to Social Security Title 2 benefits – also called Disability Insurance benefits, his or her minor children can also receive benefits from Social Security.

These benefits are called “auxiliary benefits” by Social Security.

It is important to remember that auxiliary benefits are only available if the disabled parent (disabled mother or disabled father) is receiving Disability Insurance benefits.  There are no auxiliary benefits when the disable parent is receiving Social Security Title 16 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

Other than the parent being disabled, what else do you need to receive children’s benefits?

This is governed by 20 CFR 404.350 “Who is entitled to children’s benefits”

(a) General. You are entitled to child’s benefits on the earnings record of an insured person who is entitled to old-age or disability benefits or who has died if:

(1) You are the insured person’s child, based upon a relationship described in §§404.355 through 404.359;
(2) You are dependent on the insured, as defined in §§404.360 through 404.365;
(3) You apply;
(4) You are unmarried; and
(5) You are under age 18; you are 18 years old or older and have a disability that began before you became 22 years old; or you are 18 years or older and qualify for benefits as a full-time student as described in §404.367.

So, if you are disabled, receiving Disability Insurance benefits from Social Security, and have an unmarried child under 18, they should already be receiving children’s benefits.  If not, apply for them.

  • april

    I am the custodial parent who takes care of the child and the other parent is getting disability benefits cause he is unable to work. he is ordered to pay child support off $301 a month to me for our child. but I believe his parent are in charge of his disability benefits as he is not able to manage his money. how can I pursue this??

  • http://socialsecurityinsider.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    It depends on what you are asking.

    If dad is disabled and receiving SSDI which results in the child being eligible for auxiliary benefits, and dad is receiving the auxiliary benefits for the child, BUT the child lives with mom, mom pays the child's expenses and mom has custody, then it would seem reasonable to ask Social Security to have the auxiliary benefits sent to mom on behalf of the child.

    If mom is trying to get dad to pay child support out of dad's disability benefits, then you are basically asking if mom can garnish dad's disability benefits to pay the child support. I do not deal with this issue because it is more of a family law matter.

    According to Tim Moore though, Title 2 Disability Insurance benefits can be garnished for child support, while Title 16 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits cannot be garnished. See Tim's post on this here: http://disabilityblogger.blogspot.com/2006/07/c

    This is general information only and not legal advice. Contact a lawyer for advice on your specific circumstances.

  • JointManConserv

    Im a Disabled non custodial parent in Texas.I received Social Security Benifits since 1998.I learn to my horror that omly the custodial parent could get these benefits for my child it took more than four years too track her down.She finally went to the SS Ofice and began receiving the benifits.But she refused to go to family court,or notifiy the Attorney Generals office.Go to my blog at http://www.disabledparent.blogspot.com/

  • amanda

    hello , my mother is disabled before i was ever born I was in fostor care for 8 years. I have been recieveing SSI benifits intill i turned 18 . I was told that i was able to recieve these benefits untill i was 21 unless i was a full time student. I was full time untill my benefits were cut so i couldent even afford to get to class. what do i do ?

  • http://socialsecurityinsider.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    Hi Amanda,

    I tried to contact you via email, but it keeps getting bounced. Hi Amanda,

    This site can only provide general information so I can't tell you what to do. Also, I cannot tell what kind of benefits you were receiving: auxiliary benefits because of a disabled parent (note this would not be SSI) or SSI benefits for your own disability (if any), or benefits based on another Social Security program.

    I encourage you to contact a lawyer in your area to get your questions answered. If you look, you will find someone who will do a free consultation for you.

    All my best.

  • cristy

    i have two children that i have temporary guardianship of, for about 1 year now. is temporary guardianship enough for them to receive benefits from my disability?

  • http://socialsecurityinsider.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    Hi Christy,

    There is no way to tell based on the information you have provided. Have you contacted Social Security?

    As stated in the article, the very first factor is whether the child is “the insured person’s child, based upon a relationship described in §§404.355 through 404.359”

    Take a look at those regulations. Would the children qualify as your children under any of the requirements in 404.355 through 404.359?

    404.335 http://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/cfr20/404/404-0355.htm deals with the natural child of the insured.

    404.336 http://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/cfr20/404/404-0356.htm deals with a legally adopted child.

    404.337 http://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/cfr20/404/404-0357.htm deals with step children.

    404.338 http://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/cfr20/404/404-0358.htm deals with grandchildren or step-grandchildren.

    404.339 http://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/cfr20/404/404-0359.htm deals with equitable adopted children.

    Even if none of these requirements apply, you may still want to talk to someone at Social Security to see if the children might qualify under this or another Social Security program.

    Good Luck!

  • Christine

    If the child of a disabled parent is receiving benefits do they change when the parent dies?

  • http://socialsecurityinsider.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    That's a good question. Unfortunately, I do not know the answer.

    The types benefits would change (from auxiliary to survivors' benefits), but I do not know if this would impact the amount of the benefits.

  • summersaraceno

    I am a 27 year old female and disabled receiving SSDI, my question is, is my daughter able to receive benefits? If so, how would I go about appling for her and where? And where could I find info on doing this?

  • http://socialsecurityinsider.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    Minor children are often eligible for “auxiliary benefits.” Your local SSA office should be able to take care of this for you.

  • Melissa

    My Ex Husband applied for Disability Benefits February 2009 for blindness.

    Social Security said he was not legally blind until April 2009, and that benefits would start 5 months from APril 2009.

    We have a biological child that I am raising on my own for the last 3 years.

    In addition to this child, my Ex remarried July 2008 and the new wife has 2 children.

    My Ex placed these step children on his application for disability which is reducing his BIOLOGICAL childs benefit (Maximum family benefit)

    Are these step children even eligible to receive any benefit since they were NOT his step children for a full year prior to his applying for social security benefits?

    My thoughts are that he married only because he wanted the benefit amount for these children so he could keep more money for himself.

  • lfb

    I have a stepdaughter whose mother is on disability and is receiving SS for my stepdaughter. We pay her a large amount of child support weekly. Does child support play a role in the amount of SS she receives?

  • meliisa

    I am the custodial parent of the child, and the other parent is getting disability benefits,he is unable to work.He has gotten disability for about 7 years.He pays me child support monthly from his check,My daughter has gotten approved for auxilary benefits.my question they said they can only go back 6 months.Is there any way I can fight this because they should have known he has a daughter his check gets a deduction every month from child support.Would she be able to get more then 6 months of back p auxilary benefits.

  • http://socialsecurityinsider.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    I don't know. Just out of curiosity, why is Social Security choosing to pay only 6 months of back auxiliary benefits?

    FYI, there is a general requirement that before an individual can receive benefits, they have to apply for them. That may seem obvious but it comes up more often than most people imagine. For example an individual may have been eligible for Social Security for years, but if they only applied last month. Then they may be entitled to benefits either as of the filing date (SSI benefits) or a maximum of 12 months before that date (SSDI benefits).

    I wish you the very best.

    This communication does not form an attorney-client relationship. This communication is not legal advice, nor should it be relied on without obtaining legal advice. No representation is provided without a validly executed fee agreement.  Phew!

  • kelly

    I have legal custody of my two nieces. The father, who happens to be my brother, has been on disability now for 9 months. Can the girls receive auxiliary payments? I applied down at the social security office, and I have a phone interview on September 3rd, is this a good sign? Also will they pay back payments to them?

  • http://socialsecurityinsider.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    I don't see why not. However, I am rarely involved in auxiliary benefit cases since they are normally automatic (unless there is a paternity issue). Write back and let me know how it turns out.

  • verlynsmith

    Our adopted daughter receives survivors benefits from her deceased biological father. I have recently been approved for SSD and was wondering how Social Security would payout on the disability. There were three months where she was under the age of 16 so payment would go to my spouse. I'm just confused on how this will all play out. My benefits would pay out more than what she gets from her father's benefits.

  • donna

    If disabled, can you still get a check on a child if you do not have custody of that child.

  • Ks_dad

    why would you want to? if you dont have custody you should be paying child support

  • jason

    i am in a wheelchair and i get ssi can my child get ssi to cause i cant work

  • http://www.ColoradoSocialSecurityLaw.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    Social Security disability insurance benefits have auxiliary benefits (benefits to spouses and minor children of the disabled individual).

    However, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are only paid to the disabled individual.

  • lisahash

    I currently receive SSDI and my 16 year old son receives half that amount monthly as well. My question is: IF my son begins working….will his benefits automatically decrease or can he earn up to a certain amount monthly before the benefits would be affected? Thank you.

  • alexander1991

    My father receives social security, and so do i because of his disability. I am turning 18 in December, but i am going to college here in the Philippines. If i can show proof that i am going to college (still studying) can i still keep the check that's coming in?

  • gallimore_54

    i draw disability benefits i am also raising a boy age 13 i've had him since he was 6 months old he is not blood kin i have cousity of him can i get help since i do not receive child support

  • http://www.ColoradoSocialSecurityLaw.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    Perhaps. Give your local Social Security office a call.

  • Brittany

    My father was receiving ssi and died. Up until then, my brother and I moved around alot and were receiving ssi. Last year, i stopped receiving ssi and I thought that if I continued into school that I would still receive it. Is it possible to be eligible to receive ssi while I am going to college?

  • http://www.ColoradoSocialSecurityLaw.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    Brittany, a lot depends on which type of Social Security you were receiving and the reason you were receiving Social Security benefits. While you mention SSI benefits, you do not mention any disability which makes me wonder if it was SSI or another benefit program under Social Security.

    To answer your question, can a person in college receive Social Security? Sure. I have had a number of clients in school win their Social Security benefits.

    If you want to know if you are eligible, the only thing I can say is contact Social Security and apply for benefits.

  • SSDparents

    If both parents are on social security disability, cn one child receive a benefit from both parents?

  • SSDparents

    If both parents are on social security disability, cn one child receive a benefit from both parents?

  • Deanna Gardiner

    I was finally approved for SSDI, I filed for my 13 yr. old daughter to get SSI and she was approved, I recieved 75% of her backpay, Does my attorney automatically get my Representative Payee check?

  • http://www.ColoradoSocialSecurityLaw.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    A claimant's Social Security attorney is often automatically paid their attorney fees.

    The representative payee check is different. This deals with the claimant's benefits. If a claimant has a representative payee (a family member, friend, agency), Social Security sends the check to the payee to use on the claimant's behalf.

    • Deanna Gardiner

      I applied for benefits for my 13 yr old thru my SSDI and she was approved for ssi but when I recieved her award letter it had sent 1444.00 to my attorney, they did nothing to deem her attorney then why can they take 25% of her back pay, I called SS and they said even though I am her representative payee , since they were my attorney they automatically get 25% of hers also.Can I file an appeal, when that is for her ? Thank you ..so confused someone please help? Mamabdrive@aol.com..330-719-3074..I am willing to fight for her money if I can? Ps by the way have never seen and only talked to a person from Myler Law, 3 times in 3 yrs?

  • pokergalpoker

    My husband has been disabled and receiving social security benefits for almost 6 years. I am employed and make under $30,000. I have 3 children all under 18 and we live with my parents. My oldest is currently a junior in high school. As we are nearing the beginning stages of choosing a college, are there any benefits financially for children who have a disabled parent and want to further their education past high school.

  • Deanna

    I n regards to my 13 yr olds backpay, it clearly states I , her Mother , is her representative payee. but 1444.00 went directly to Brad Myler disability law ( my SSDI attorney) somewhere in utah I think…sad but I clicked on a name one day back in 2007 and they were the first to email me. can I get that money back for my daughter? there was a miniscual sentence somewhere in my agreement that I signed, being on morphine for months.. Please help..I already had 5000.00 taken out of mine which they have recieved months ago(I have not seen the portion that is mine but they got theirs…Can I or do I have a chance of getting hers back because of the wording from SS.

  • http://www.ColoradoSocialSecurityLaw.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    To clear up a couple of things: being a representative payee means that the benefits are paid to a person on behalf of a disabled individual. Normally, this is done on behalf of a minor child or a person whom SSA thinks might “misuse” their benefits.

    Representative payees are different from attorney/non-attorney representatives. “Representative payees” are who gets the money. “Representatives” is the person(s) who represented the disabled individual in the disability case in front of Social Security. Typically this is the attorney on the case.

    A disabled individual can have both a representative (their attorney) and a representative payee (who the money will go to, if the case is won).

    Having a representative payee does not prevent the representative (the attorney) from getting paid.

    I cannot comment on whether you actually hired Myler, or whether the contract was good or not, or whether you were competent to contract at the time — I mention this since you mention being on morphine.

    Typically if an adult receives SSDI/DIB/Title 2 benefits (these are different names for the same type of Social Security benefits), their spouse or minor children may also be entitled to receive auxiliary benefits.

    The attorney gets to take 25% of the back benefits paid to the disabled individual AND 25% of the auxiliary benefits paid to the spouse or minor child UP TO the cap set by Social Security, currently $6,000. That is $6,000 maximum from ALL sources on the case (**NOT** $6k from the disabled individual and another $6k from the spouse or minor children).

    For more information, take a look at:


  • Shanetta10

    If my parents died when i was 8 months and i turn 18 this months do my checks go in my name now or do it still stay in my Grandma name….can't i get it in my name?

  • http://www.ColoradoSocialSecurityLaw.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    If you are receiving Social Security child's benefits because your parents died, the bigger issue may be that these benefits typically continue until age 18:

    “(a) General. You are entitled to child’s benefits on the earnings record of an insured person who is entitled to old-age or disability benefits or who has died if- … (5) You are under age 18; you are 18 years old or older and have a disability that began before you became 22 years old; or you are 18 years or older and qualify for benefits as a full-time student as described in §404.367.”

  • fancy

    if my ex is receiving SSDI will our children be entitled to benefits?

  • Dontate

    What if the parent never worked and received disablity, due to multiple sclerosis. Later the parent died leaving two children..are the children entitled to get any of the benefits that were awarded to the parent?

  • http://www.ColoradoSocialSecurityLaw.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    I believe that is the way it works. Call SSA and then let us know what they tell you.

  • http://www.ColoradoSocialSecurityLaw.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    The best reply I can give you is to “call Social Security (1-800-772-1213) and ask.”

    My guess (and it is only a guess) is probably not. If a parent never worked then chances are, the parent was not receiving Title 2-SSDI Social Security benefits (unless the parent was receiving Disabled Adult Child (DAC) benefits – a Title 2 benefits). See http://www.socialsecurityinsider.com/2008/09/ni

    If a parent was receiving Title 16-SSI benefits, since there are no auxiliary benefits under SSI, there might not be benefits available under 20 CFR 404.350 (the section discussed in this article).

    However, there may be other Social Security benefits available depending on the circumstances.

    I encourage you to contact Social Security to get a answer based on your specific circumstances.

  • Shanetta10

    i am a full time student so that mean i keep gettin them right??? so can i get them in my name when i turn 18

  • http://www.ColoradoSocialSecurityLaw.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    Please note that this a general information site. I cannot address specific circumstances or offer legal advice here.

    According to the regulations, to qualify for child's benefits an individual must be :
    “(5) … under age 18; you are 18 years old or older and have a disability that began before you became 22 years old; or you are 18 years or older and qualify for benefits as a full-time student as described in §404.367.”

    So, it appears an individual has to be either
    a) under 18; or
    b) a Disabled Adult Child (DAC); (see http://www.socialsecurityinsider.com/2008/09/ni…) or
    c) 18 or older and a full time student under §404.367.

    However, §404.367 http://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/cfr20/404/404-0367.htm only deals with primary and secondary school students. In fact part e of the requirements specifically says “(e) You are in grade 12 or below;”

    As such, it appears that the child's benefits are only paid to full time students over 18 while they are still in high school.

    As always, I encourage contacting Social Security for answers on how the regulations apply to any individual's specific circumstances.

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  • cucupuffs

    i've been receiving and SSI check since i was about 18..im 33 now and have 2 boys..a 1 year old and a 2 and a hald year old…i've been hearing from different people that they are elligible for SSI checks since i only receive an ssi check and according to the law i am not ordered to pay child support even though i do what i can and was giving 200$ a month out of my tiny check and then 100$ here and there and buying the diapers and whipes every month..the childrens mother receives food stamps and she has medicaid and so do the children but i dont have medicaid…she gets WIC too or was getting it so their kind of taken care of in that area but i know ofcourse when/if i can get a job they want me to pay it back…the mother of my children is a stay at home om right now because she had to move back in with her mother who has sarcoma cancer and had her leg amputated up to the hip and then it spread to the lungs so shes helping her and trying to take care of two kids with no income…their really struggling..so i was wondering if infact my 2 children can receive SSI checks because that would really help atleast untill we can pay for daycare again and the mother of my children can go back to work as a waitress because their are no jobs where i live in pensacola florida…everything closed down and its horrible here..please give me and answer so i can go to work on this and jump through the hoops to get it for them..thank you…

  • http://www.ColoradoSocialSecurityLaw.com/ TomaszStasiuk

    The article discusses that to the best of my knowledge there are no auxiliary benefits in SSI case.

    If you want to see if your kids are entitled to any Social Security benefits, give SSA a call: 1-800-772-1213.

  • brandire

    My husband receives SSDI. My children recieve a check as well. How come i do not recieve a check?

  • Kayla

    I was wondering why i never received this benefit and if i could receive it now? i would like someone to get a hold of me by email.

  • Tina

    If my children are receiving SSA benefits do I have to pay tax on them?

  • Haley

    My daughter receives SSI Disability and has for about 6 months. Her father and I were split up and they based it off of my income alone. Our divorce was final on Feb 8th. He DID NOT pay child support during the year and a half we were seperated. Now he is ordered to start paying child support and back pay. Will we still get the SSI for her once I recieve child support??

  • http://www.ColoradoSocialSecurityLaw.com/ TomaszStasiuk
  • Joanne123

    My ex husband has recently been granted disability benefits. However, I did not ask for child support when we were divoreced ( 4 ys ago) because I realized he had limited ability to pay child support. However, he told me that as a result of his approved claim, our daughter will soon reciveing benefits despite that fact that he does not have a legal obligation to provide me child support. Is this true and if so, does the money go directly to my daughter vs my ex? BTW, my ex would not transfer the money to her. He would claim he needs it more than her. Your insights would be helpful. Thank you.

  • Diane

    I have two children recieving social security from thier fathers disability, I have moved on and was wondering if that would end if i was to ever remarry

  • ashleyat

    If I think my childs father is receiving SSDI, how can I go about finding our for sure. I believe he is on SSDI and he is keeping the benefits that my child is suppose to be paying. Is there a way to find out if this is happening?????

  • chuck333

    My single mother died when I was 12 and my sister and I went to live with my father. My disabled sister has received a continuous social security benefit from my mom's contributions. My question is, should I have received a benefit from 12-18 years of age. I am now 43. If this is a benefit I should have received from my moms SS contributions, can I apply for it retroactively. Thanks

  • Kristen

    Hello. I have been receiving SSDI since 2003. At the time of my disability I had 2 children and since that time have had another (2005). I recently moved from Maine to South Carolina and when I called the SS office to change the address I was asked if I had a child. I told them that I in fact, had 3 children. The woman on the phone was surprised because my records with them showed that I was childless. She said that I needed to tell my local office3 about the kids because they were eligible for benefits. I'm not sure why my children were never accounted for when I applied or why I was never informed of this benefit. It has now been 7 years that I have been on disability and have not received auxiliary benefits. My question is, if I apply for benefits now are my children entitled to any backpay? I think about how much we could have used that assistance and feel a little disappointed that I was never privy to that information. How could a mistake like this happen? Thanks for any information!

  • tinkerbell74605

    If you are the legal guardian then take your papers and your children's social security numbers to your local Social Security Administration and ask for assistance with this matter. Just tell them you would like to see if your children are eligible for benefits due to their father's disability. It helps if you have the father's SSN but not necessary as long as you have the proper paperwork for your children. The children are entitled to half the benefit amount. He would not be getting their benefits unless he committed fraud and said the child(ren) were living with him.

  • tinkerbell74605


  • tinkerbell74605

    No, you would receive the benefits as the child lives with you and you would be appointed her payee. You need to go apply at your local Social Security Administration on her behalf. It was kind for him to let you kow although the office most likely would have contacted the legal guardian to let you know the child was eligible.

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  • Embracegrace

    i know that a child can receive up to half of a disabled parent's benefit. is that based on household income? how is it figured? if it is up to half, in what cases can it be less half?

  • dd

    I just found out that my sons dad was receiving disability for the past 14 yrs and did not mention this to myself or social security office. I have an appoinment soon. Does anyone know if the back pay will go back that far???

    • FORSHEE33


    • Jpwhitt1974

      I’m currently on disability Social Security, and generally they will only backpay up to one year. My children’s benefits start this month, and thats what I was told.

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Normally SSA only pays a maximum of 12 months of back benefits http://www.socialsecurityinsider.com/2009/04/how-far-back-does-social-security-pay-benefits/

      But a situation like this, I’m not sure what will happen.

      Would you let us know what happens?

  • keoniab

    I just found out that my child was intitled to recieve disability benifits from her father he applyed about a year ago do anyone know will she get back money from when he first applied?

    • Megi_70

      she should my kids did

    • Forshee33




    • http://StasiukFirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Attorney fees in Social Security benefits usually come from back benefits. See http://www.socialsecurityinsider.com/2008/07/how-much-can-a-lawyer-charge-for-fees-on-a-social-security-case/

      If there there any auxiliary benefits paid, Social Security will often also pay fees from those as well since they result from the underlying disability case.

      However, regardless of the source (back benefits from the disabled individual, back auxiliary benefits) there is a single fee cap (currently a single $6,000 amount from all sources). In other words, an attorney *cannot* collect $6k from the disabled individual, another $6k from auxiliary child benefits, etc.



  • Barbararains123

    Will my son receive back pay and a monthly payment ? I just got approved for my social security disability benefits.

  • Country Tyme

    Please Help!!! I receive SSDI and have been for 6 years due to a disability and I cannot work. My 3 dependent children also receive a small monthly check. My oldest is also disabled and gets SSI with the offset of child support. I just found out in court last week that dad is claiming to be disabled basically because he does not want to pay child support. As of 9/30/10 due to zero income, he doesn’t have to pay child support for up to a year until the determination is ruled. My question is if he is awarded will my sons be granted a portion of the lump sum (that he will get back dated to the time of filing)? Will he still have to pay child support based on his awarded income? Or can anyone tell me how this is going to work. I just don’t want my kids to get screwed out of anything that is due to them. And why not, he left 13 years ago and never looked back. If anyone can help, so I can have some idea what to expect. Thank You!!!

    • CountrySherrifftyme

      you sound soooo inocent?!

  • Lakadramadlock

    if i get disabiliy then well my kids get benefits ti

  • The4msandonelittlej

    i just found out that my children s dad may be receiving disability how can i find out for sure?

  • The4msandonelittlej

    How can i find out if my children father is working or not?

  • chris

    How do you apply for this disability?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Contact your local Social Security office.

    • Lanie134

      apply online at socialsecurity.gov

  • Sharpaj919

    If my ex wife is recieving disability benefits for my kids but I have my kids 50% of the time. Am I entitled to half of the money for my kids benefits?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      I have only seen 1 payee on auxiliary benefits. However, this is something that is determined after my work on a case is done, so I hardly have a complete picture of what could happen. Have you contacted Social Security to see what they say?

  • CHERNANDEZ081906


    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Children (up to age 18-19 as noted above) may be eligible to receive auxiliary benefits based on a parent’s disability. Usually the main issue is the parent has to receive SSDI – Social Security Disability Insurance. To qualify for SSDI, (among other requirements) the parent has to have worked *long* enough and *recently* enough to be eligible for that program. If a parent only receives SSI, there are no auxiliary benefit available for the minor children.

      Another issue that occasionally arrises is Social Security may not be aware of the minor children. If SSA is not aware of the disabled individual’s children, auxiliary benefits might not be automatically processed if the parent becomes eligible for SSDI.

      I do not have a suggestion on how a divorced parent can ensure that their kids receive auxiliary benefits based on a non-custodial & out-of-the-picture’s parent’s disability.

  • Bevmarb

    Non-custodial parent is trying to claim daughter on tax return. We already claimed her on our Taxes -as we pay all her living expenses and she lives with us full time (and has for 9 years). She only visits father- maybe once every 3 months for a weekend (different state). He gives her zero money while she visits him. She pays for everything from movies to food while there even for a weekend. In lieu of child support, she got social security benefits when he retired, which ended in Sept. when she turned 18. We pay for her college tuition, books. etc. He’s asking daughter to get a 1098T for from her college. How can he possibly claim her?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      You may need to speak with an attorney in your state. Your tax preparer (a CPA hopefully) may also provide some guidance on what options you may have.

      Note: I do not practice tax law, nor do I practice in TX.

  • Jskscsas

    I was recently awarded ssdi and my wife and child have been receiving ssdi for the past 7 yrs due to her disability. If both my wife and I receive ssdi under separate claims what is the maximum social security benefit the children can receive and the maximum the entire household can receive.?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Honestly, I don’t know.

      Social Security has fairly complicated formulas for determining benefit amounts. Most lawyers focus on the proving-disability side of the equation.

      I’m sorry I can’t help.

  • Notary719

    We are in NYS and my ex wife has custody of our children. Our son is 16 and has Downs syndrome and I keep asking her why she does try to get him SSI as he qualifies for being disabled and he will also have educational, etc. benefits available for him. She has said that because she works and has savings and owns a home that he has to wait until 18 to get SSI. BUT she has also let it slip in conversation that she will not get him SSI before he is 18 because she does not want me to see a way out of paying child support for him. I am not looking for this as a way out of my obligations and I currently pay her $300 a week for our two children. I owe nothing and I have them covered on my benefits as well. I just think that my son should be entitled to the same things people who milk the system get with no problem, and should something ever happen to either of us he will be already stabilized in SSI and not slip through cracks. Do you happen to know if he would be eligible or does the custody parent income/home ownership hamper his receiving until his is 18? Thank you.

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Social Security disability benefits for children under 18 are usually handled under the Social Security Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.

      To qualify for SSI, an individual has to be found medically disabled under the Social Security criteria AND meet financial limits on income and assets.

      Minor children typically do not have income or assets that are a problem. However, Social Security counts *household* income and assets (not just those of the minor child) for children under 18 in SSI cases. This is where many children become financially ineligible for SSI.

      The common result is the parents wait until the child turns 18, when Social Security counts only the child’s income and assets, and then apply.

      Of course, the only way to be sure if household income and assets are a problem is to contact Social Security.

  • Stephebnet

    Recently my 19 year old brother received a lump sum check of back pay social security benefits (the result of my father being deemed disabled). My brother received a lump sum/back pay because it was two years from the time my father applied for disability until he was approved. Thus, my brother received payments from age 17 to 19 because he was/is still in high school. Our question is – how is the money to be spend and/or who is entitled to the check? The check is in my brothers name and he is legally an adult – is he able to spend it as he see’s fit or is the money to be used for child care costs? Thank you!

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      This sounds more like a family dispute with the now adult son wanting to spend the check (in his name) in a way the parent(s) disapprove of.

      I am not aware of a limit on how auxiliary benefits are to be spent. However, attorney representation is usually completed by the time checks are cut, so there may be some limitations I am not aware of

      If you are looking for a third party to settle this, I encourage you to contact SSA with your question.

      All my best!

  • Lindasaunders_54

    i just learned that my ex-husband, who is now disabled is recieving social security checks, he owes child support for the last 15 years, are my children intitied to those checks even thought they are in ther early 20’s. the sum he owes is 46,000.00

  • Sammykur

    my wife ex is recieving ss for alcoholism and my step children live with us my wife is unsure if these payments can be used toward house payment(in both hers and mine name) and utilities and if there is a percentage of these or a standard “rent” or utility charge

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      I can’t answer that. Contact Social Security.

    • Cdavidson17

      is childern will recieve about 639 a mnt but it divided by2 each child will get a seperat check each mnt for 319

  • Mom

    My exhusband is disabled and my daughter has been receiving benefits for just under 2 years. He informed me today that he will be applying for his stepdaughter to receive benefits when his first wedding anniversary arrives in April. His Stepdaughter has a biological father she has regular visitation with, although I understand he pays no support. Is it true that my daughter’s benefits will be cut in half? My ex pays no child support (I waived that when he became disabled, assuming we would have the SSI to help) and owes me a great deal in medical bills (50% of my daughter’s out of pocket costs per the divorce decree). If this is cut, we will have to cancel her music lessons, 2nd round of braces and summer camp. He states he will be moving to a larger home and purchasing ATVs when his stepdaughter’s payments begin. I’m completely floored. Is this really how it works?


      If he adopted his stepchild then he has the right to ask for half to go to her. Sounds like he doesn’t love his real daughter and would take it all away from her, if he could within the Law.

  • Ms. Arredondo

    my husband is going to apply for disability due to a back injury that has caused him to be unalbe to work. my question is i have 2 children that are not his, and 2 that are his, but they all live with us, are all of my children entitled to a cut of his benefits or only the 2 that are his? my daughters fathers have never been in their lives or have ever supported them, my husband is their dad, so is there any way that they too can get some of his benefits?


      If he adopted the two children that aren’t his then the money will be divided into four parts and the same amount would be divided  for two children that are his, if the other two aren’t included..

  • Ms. Arredondo

    i forgot to add that i live in texas, not colorado

  • Rob1676

    My kids mom died..I have full custody of my child..my child is 8..can she get ss form her mom?

  • Painter 67

    Ive had custody of my son and daughter for 12yrs and learned that there mother is on ssd, i recieve no child support nor never have.. is it true that since she is on ssd that kids go to college for free, or help pay something towards secondary education? my son is a jr in high school and daughter a freshman.. looking for help…..

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      As noted in the post, children of a disabled parent on SSDI, may be eligible for auxiliary benefits, which is usually a cash benefit.

      I have discussed auxiliary benefits and kids in college here: http://www.socialsecurityinsider.com/2010/01/can-you-get-social-security-childs-benefits-as-a-full-time-student/

      I am not aware of a SSA program that lets kids go to college for free if their parent is disabled. However, your local Social Security office can walk your through any benefits your kids may be eligible for.

      Good luck!


      If they want to go to college they need to get money from the mother or father because they won’t get money for their college education from the Government unless they apply for a Grant.

  • Painter 67

    we were never married…..

  • Goddesslu

    My child receives a SSI disability benefit due to her non-custodial father’s disability benefit. I claim my daugther on my taxes as head of household. DO I need to claim her disability or file a separate return for her?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      I don’t do tax law, so I can’t address that. However, it is an excellent question for your tax preparer/CPA.

  • mother of 2

    my ex says he deserves some of the kids SS money so he has money to spend on the when they visit. he is taking me to court for it. i know i have to provide proff for every cent spent and i can be held accountable. does he have any right to their money when i am the payee?

  • Father of 2

    Maybe someone can help me answer this. My ex wife recieves social security benefits for my son because his biological dad killed himself when he was young. I pay child suppourt for my son. Is my ex wife still entitled to receive a social security check on my son’s behalf while i am still paying child suppourt? To me its seems like double dipping. Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this.

    • Antlive95

      Hello Father of 2 I can answer that for you if you are gettin disability for yourself you can have your child get a check under you n you do not have to pay childsurpport threw the court not at all .
      So yes that is called double dipping but if the other child is gettin a check from his father then no she is not double dipping hope i help you on this here .

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      I am working on having a family law attorney address this subject. Keep in mind that family law is state based so the answer can vary depending on the state one is in.


      You have to pay child support until the child reaches 18 years of age and that’s the way it’s going to be until the Laws are changed, but that will never happen.

  • Momma4956

    Does anyone know about certain laws in SD My daughter is having major back surgery and may have to be in a wheel chair. Does the landlord have to pay to put a ramp in?

    • Greg

      unfortunately no. Only everything in regard to public access outside of your home. There are programs that may help youl; however, even a handyman can make you a ramp for under 100. I did one myself from wood. If you have any further questions, I’m not a lawyer, but I may be able to clarify ADA laws for you.

  • ceecee44

    okay. so im 19 and my dad is about to start the disability procedure cause he hurt his leg while in the army. Can i benefit if im a college student?

  • Louanna-bruce

    I have a friend that has a child with a women that got remarried. This child is recieving survors benfits from her step-dad but getting child support from my friends monthy disability checks. He just bearly gets enough to survive after paying his rent. My question is: Can she get money from both men for the same child?

  • Dominiq_95062

    Are my children’s benefits from their dad’s disability counted as income when applying for Healthy Families insurance in California?

  • Marquierjd

    Can you receive social security on a minor child that you only have guardianship on?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      One issue is whether the child is entitled to any benefits? Is a parent deceased, or disabled? What kind of benefits was the parent receiving (SSI / SSDI)? Is the child disabled?

      How old is the child?

      There are a number of questions involved. Your local Social Security office can walk you through them and give you an answer.

  • Rose

    My daughter recieve SSI thru her father who is on disability , he has a gaurdian and his gaurdian set it up where she recieve the money for my daughter and her bank acct.  Which she wont let either of us know how much is in her (daughter) bank acct. I was wondering if she had any right doing this, and if not how I would go about changing it? We live in OH and we are unmarried but live together.

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

       Sounds like the guardian is the payee. The local Social Security office can provide you with information about how to change payees. 

      • Rose

         yes she is the payee. I know most likely if she has to sign paper work to change me into the payee, that she wont. (she loves to control things) An, she says that we are not aloud to spend any money of our daughters, on random items, such as getting our daughter things that we would like to get her, how ever she does (an buys thing for our daughters cusion), with out us knowing. She has also stated that the VA said we can’t buy random things with our daughters money and that we have to list what we spend the money on. Is that true? ( I don’t see how the VA woould be apart of SSI) but my partner is diasabled for the military. Anyways we are soon going to be having our second child would she have to be involved in anyway, for me  to claim his (our son)SSI? I just feel really uncomfortably to have some one else handling money for our kids  future. And Thank you so much for your help it is greatly appreciated!

        • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

          I encourage you to contact your local Social Security office. 

  • Chickamomminy

    Complicated question: my estranged husband was hospitalized for a year before his passing.  He had disability payments from a private company through his employer.  When it was determined he would never be able to return to work he filed benefits from Social Security.  He died in January of this year and was awarded retroactive disability from May of 2010.  A large lump sum deposit was made into an account just days before his death.  I knew nothing about the  deposit until I was contacted by the private company who was looking for reimbursement for an overpayment.  This is where it gets sticky: I found out that his partner withdraw the entire amount in small ATM transactions for several months until it was all gone.

    My questions are these:

    Who is responsible for the overpayment?  The estate, which never saw the money, or the indvidual that wrongfully took it from an account they were not a payee on?  Now that I know this occurred, what obligation do I have to report it?  I don’t want to find myself in any trouble over any of this!

    Was part of that money our 16 year old daughter’s dependent benefit?  I filed for survivor benefits when her father passed away and they told me she was entitled to benefits from May as well.  I was told we would hear back within 60 days.  It’s been well past 90 days and I am not getting any answers from Social Security regarding the status of her claim.  Is it possible that part of the money that was deposited to her dad’s account was actually for her?  Or is that a seperate disbursement?

    Hope you can help.  Thanks a bunch!

  • Derekksmith

    why where ny sister , brother and myself denied benefits  if are father is fully disabled?

  • Derekksmith

    why where ny sister , brother and myself denied benefits  if are father is fully disabled?

  • Christineh

     I am on SSD and my almost 3 year old daughter gets auxiliary benefits. For a year now, her father also has became disabled and is now on SSD. Can my daughter get auxiliary payments from him as well? We are not married or live together. And if so , does she get back payments from when he became disabled? Thank you for you help. I have been looking  all over for this answer and have not been able to find it!

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      I don’t have an answer for you. I encourage you to contact your local Social Security office or call their toll free number at 1-800-772-1213.

    • sweetness1017

      First, I should say I’m in Oregon although since SSDI is federal I’m guessing the law is the same. I receive SSDI and have for many years. My 1 year old son is receiving auxiliary benefits through my SSDI; however, his father was recently declared disabled and we went through the application process and were told since the benefits our son was receiving under my SSDI was more than what he’d receive under his father’s (we are not together) that they were planning on entering a “certificate of eligibility” so if I were to return to work before our son turns 18yo then he’d start receiving benefits from his father’s SSDI. All that being said I’m currently looking online to figure out why SSA just deposited exactly the retroactive amount for his father’s SSDI when we were told we could not receive benefits under each of our SSDI. So, I do know that they can receive the retro payments as well from the time he/she became disabled (5 months after) but I was told he wasn’t able to receive it from both of us, yet it came into my account as I’m his primary caregiver…all this putting me in a predicament as to what I should do. His father and I are slowly working together at a better relationship as co-parents and I know if our son was determined eligible and they decided to pay on both for some reason that it’d come to my account, but I’m thinking the father would have received the “award letter”…any ideas on what I should do? Part of me wants to do nothing but not spend the money and wait to see if I get a letter of overpayment from SSA and/or wait until next month to see if there’s a standard monthly payment that will continue to come into my account…

  • Dragoon329

    I have been on SSDI for about a year now.  My son is 7 years-old and draws auxiliary benefits off me.  I make $1109.00 a month and my son get’s half that.  However, my son’s mother is the payee and her income is over $2000.00 a month.  My custody order gives me 120 days with my son, which is a third of the year, but I don’t get any financial support.  Can I get myself appointed as payee?  I know if I become the payee, she will take me to court and probably get about $300.00 of my son’s $554.00 for child support a month, but at least this way I get some financial support to help take care of my son each month.

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      The local Social Security office can walk you through the procoess of requesting to change payees.


      It’s more about the money these days.

  • Dragoon329

    I have been on SSDI for about a year now.  My son is 7 years-old and draws auxiliary benefits off me.  I make $1109.00 a month and my son get’s half that.  However, my son’s mother is the payee and her income is over $2000.00 a month.  My custody order gives me 120 days with my son, which is a third of the year, but I don’t get any financial support.  Can I get myself appointed as payee?  I know if I become the payee, she will take me to court and probably get about $300.00 of my son’s $554.00 for child support a month, but at least this way I get some financial support to help take care of my son each month.

  • casper

    I am receiving SSI, and have two child’s, one with my current wife (8 monts) and other that is 10 with my ex-girlfriend , and he lives with both of us 50% of the time with each parent, we have join custody.
    If am applying for benefits for my both children. how the amount with my 10 year old boy will be share.
    currently I am paying her child support, and that amount was establish went I was working, and now am not, and I am not receiving or earn the same amount I use to.

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      I cannot comment on specific circumstances. However, as noted in the post, auxiliary benefits are only paid in SSDI cases. There are no auxiliary benefits for SSI cases. 

    • Cadilacmikecyahoo.com

      dhs had to by law make is cs 0. bc he was on ssi. you mite look in to that.

  • Nunky

    for the same case as casper, but if am I receiving SSDI what are the benefits for the children? how the money can be share in the same situation?

  • cem123

    My daughter’s father has been collecting only SSI since childhood, but in the recent few years also started to collect SSDI. Would my daughter still be entitled to the auxillary benefits if he has never worked?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      If your daughter’s father has never worked, how is he receiving SSDI? Is it Disabled Adult Child (DAC) benefits?

      My (limited) understanding of this particular wrinkle is that if an individual is receiving DAC benefits (a SSDI benefit based on the parent’s earnings), there are no automatic auxiliary benefits for the DAC’s children. However, there is a possibility of the DAC’s child being eligible as a grandchild of the DAC’s parents.

      **I could be wrong here.** Give your local SSA office a call. 

  • Cadialacmikec

    If my husband is getting social security and disability in july can my children and his step kids get stuff of it. i no they did for his ssi

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      The article addresses when individual’s are eligible for auxiliary benefits. 

      I can’t address individual’s specific circumstances. See http://www.stasiukfirm.com/disclaimer/

      You can contact SSA at 1-800-772-1213 for answers about what your children may be eligible for.

  • Chaffin2us2000

    I recieve disability benefits on myself because of a back injury from  a wreck. I also recieve a check for my two sons. I am getting a divorce from their mother and I have the kids with me .My lawyers served her with papers on the 20 of June with a court date of July 14 for our hearing.The papers stated that I am the fit parent and should have temporary custody till time of hearing and full custody at hearing.She has contacted the social security office and we found out today she said she has the kids and they are sending her thier checks instead of me.How can she do this? This is food for my children and now she will get their checks and spend them for drugs. She doesen`t work  and gets a food card thats supposed to be for the 4 of us but instead is used for her and her mother.almost 600. a month.from Dhs in Harrisburg.This can`t be legal. She is a drug addit and just got out of jail  .What is wrong with this picture?

    • Dallas_cowboys_kick_ass22

      Omg.. First of all I’m very very sorry for what you & your children are suffering. If I were you I’d contact the SSA office immediately & explain the situation. You will likely need to show them papers from the court that show you as having sole custody.. It may cost you this months SSDI check but ultimately they’ll ask her for the monies back,. But get you set up and fixed for future months. It amazes me they didn’t ask for something in writing but after you show your the correct payee & have the children more than 50% of the time SSA will correct the problem for future payments. I know it does not put food on the table now but they can also note the account that your ex has done this in the past & request appropriate documentation from her if she tries in the future. I’m going thru hell myself would love to chat privately.. Any idea how to get ya my private info??

    • Jtk88

      To Chaffin2us2000-It’s outrageous that your (soon-to-be?) ex has been receiving benefits for your children if they are in your custody.  However, as you’re still married and she doesn’t work, you have a problem on your hands until your divorce is finalized and custody of your kids has been decided by your local court.  Talk to Social Security, keep your lawyer (or get a new one!), and stay the course.  As both you and your ex are unemployed, you will need to be diligent and keep accurate records of every conversation you have, paperwork you receive, etc.  You have temporary  custody of your sons.  Temporary!  Even after your divorce, your ex can file for a modification, which can order that the kids spend more time with her, which can trigger Social Security to decide how much money goes to each parent, etc.  Basically, follow up with Social Security, your attorney, and stay on top of the situation.  Finally, keep all your records and keep copies of them!  It’s a long, involved process, so brace yourself, be a great Dad, and never bad-mouth her in front of your children.  Hope that helps. I am at comcast dot net.  jtk88 is my user name.  Hang in there!

  • Bex

    I am 16 and my father is disabled and gets SSDI in which half of his check is for my support.  If I get a part time job is this amount effected?  I am in high school too- full time- 11th grade in August.  

  • Bex

    I am 16 and would like to get a part time job.  My father does receive SSDI.   Exactly half of his check is cut for my support.  If I work part time will this hurt the half that goes for my support?  He gets a full check than half of that check for my support.  

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      I do not offer legal advice (including addressing individual’s specific circumstances) in blog comments. You can contact SSA directly – 1-800-772-1213.

      Or, you can also call Social Security Advice Online. They are a national company made up of former Social Security managers. Note: this is a private company not affiliated with the Social Security Administration. You can reach them at http://socialsecurityadviceonline.com and (513) 860-5924. 

  • Mrjuarez78

    My 6yr old child has been receiving survivor benefits from SSA for his father who passed away a year ago. Due to my terminal illness I have been awarded SSDI and have been rec. benefits from SSA for myself and half of my benefits for my son for 6 months now. Just recently I received a letter from SSA stating since my disability benefits for my son is greater then his survivor benefits from his deceased father. The survivor benefits will not continue anymore for my son since he is now receiving disability benefits on my behalf. FYI: His father and I were never married, so I never rec. survivor benefits. Is this correct? I cannot find anything on the SSA website pertaining to my situation and when I call SSA I get conflicting answers. Please help

  • Dallas_cowboys_kick_ass22

    Mrjuarez78 that is absolutely correct. Seems unfair the child cannot collect both since you both paid into the system likely for years & years… If you return to work, which doesn’t sound like you will but if you do then your son will be entitled to start receiving survivor benefits from his father again. It’s nearly identical to the situation my sons father & I are in… SSDI entered a certificate of eligibility for my son into the system (his father & I aren’t married) on his fathers SSDI in case I ever return to work…but I won’t. Regardless I hope this was helpful. Seems unfair but they won’t allow a child or survivor to be paid from both parents SSDI.


      I think they were kicked by the Giants this year and they ( the Giants ) are Super Bowl Champions something the Cowboys only  dream off becoming..

  • Sandynellums

    i hAVE full custody of my grandchild. in 2010 i was disabled and draw ssd. i am 59. why can she not draw a check. no one pays support.

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      What does Social Security say when you ask?

  • Saraann3493

    I am 18 years old and my mom gets a disability check each month. Ive been hearing that i can get a check for the year my mom has got disability. My friend got a check from the state that back tracked  for his dad getting disability. his check was about 10,000 dollors for a few years. Can i also get the same or no?

  • Saraann34934

    I am 18 years old and my mom gets a disability check each month. Ive been hearing that i can get a check for the year my mom has got disability. My friend got a check from the state that back tracked  for his dad getting disability. his check was about 10,000 dollors for a few years. Can i also get the same or no?


      Your mother may be getting your money and not telling you it is there.

  • Johnparks111

    My mom passed away when I was 8 months old and my dad was never in my life. I’ve never even met my dad. Do I get any help from Fasfa with paying for my college tuition? If so how much? I wanna be the first person in my family to graduate from a four year university.

  • Jjconwell05

    If my ex husband receives SSI, can I file for benefits for his 3 dependents.

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      “It is important to remember that auxiliary benefits are only available if the disabled parent (disabled mother or disabled father) is receiving Disability Insurance benefits.  There are no auxiliary benefits when the disable parent is receiving Social Security Title 16 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.”

  • Jenna Webb23

    I turn 18 on the 23rd of September and I get social security check the third of every month will I get my check for September? Because I don’t turn 18 until the end of the month

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Crawley/100000474835625 Robert Crawley

    If the parent is a disabled veteran, is this the correct benefit that should be applied for, or is it a different one?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      I cannot offer an opinion of what program an individual should apply for. I can say that Social Security is a completely different program from veteran’s benefits. The above post only deals with auxiliary benefits for children of parents who are receiving Social Security SSDI benefits. 

  • Seth Chilvers

    Hi my father has been receiving Disability for a while now. I had been getting a portion of this ($100) a month and because we have never received child support it is pretty important to us! I had received papers in the mail saying that when I turned 18 it would stop and If I wanted it to continue, I needed to have authorities from my school sign documents that said I was still in highschool for a few more months and therefore still eligible! So I signed these papers and the money never came! So I have not received about $600! I am wondering if Its even worth calling in and asking abouot it, and would I still even be able to receive that money? And also what if they did not receive them would I  be able to resend them somehow? Sorry this was so long!

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      A lot depends on how long ago this happened. However, the question you are asking is whether it is worth $600 to make a telephone call? 

      Well, you are either going to say, “Yes!” or, “Mmm, not really.”


      Same thing happen to our son, but his money was added on to the benefits of my wife and daughter, so no money wasn’t lost to the family.

  • Helenkr

    My children receive benefits now through there fathers ss but how can they receive medical ins? I had them under my plan but now I am out of work…

    • JT

      Hi, I’m not familiar with the process in Colorado(?), but this is Social Security, a federal program/entitlement.  As far as I know, health/medical insurance is provided by the Federal Government for you, your husband, but not children.  The best advice I can give is to contact Social Security and educate yourself on the laws of child healthcare coverage in your state.  Best to you, JK from Boston.

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      I had to ask around. The response I am hearing is that the general rule is Medicare is available for the disabled person but not the spouse or children (the auxiliaries). There appear to be some exceptions (when the spouse is 65 or older for example). However, contact SSA for complete information on your set of circumstances.

  • N,

    The father of my child is recieving disability checks, is there anyway i can get checks for her as well after she is born?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      As noted in the post, children of disabled parents (who are receiving Social Security disability benefits — not SSI) are often eligible for monthly benefits. 

      Your local Social Security office can provide more information.

  • Tweerym

    is my minor daughters disability benefit considered income when applying for food stamps?

  • Mary

    Can a judge order you to give the Social security disability check to non custodial parent to help take care of boys when she has them every other weekend?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      I’m sorry, Mary. I can’t answer that. A family law attorney in your state may be able to give you an answer.

  • Kelly

    Can a child, whose father receives disability/workers comp because they became disabled through the state of ny, receive help on college tuition?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      You would need to contact the institution’s financial services office. Social Security itself does not provide financial aid. Can’t speak about work comp as it varies from state to state.

      Good luck Kelly!

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      You would need to contact the institution’s financial services office. Social Security itself does not provide financial aid for college. Can’t speak about work comp as it varies from state to state.

      Good luck Kelly!

  • Siaulisa

    My husband has applied for disbility vai the SSA.  We have custody of our 3 year old grandson.  Will the grandson be eligible for an monies even though he is not our biological child?  we have full custody, provide health insurance an drasie hin as if he were our own.

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Grandchildren can sometimes receive benefits based on a grandparent’s earnings: http://www.socialsecurityinsider.com/2010/01/can-adopted-children-receive-social-security-benefits-because-of-parents-disability/

      I recommend contacting SSA for information on each individual’s specific circumstances.

  • Thinkinglately

    My brother has 3 children with a woman who is disabled and they live together he works everyday and makes good money. She receives social security and her three children receive auxillary benefits from her, Is that legal? Since she is with the father and he supports them?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Children of a parent receiving SSDI are eligible to receive aux benefits regardless of other sources of income coming into the house. SSI is a different matter; but under that program there are not aux benefits anyway.

  • Tina_stroud1

    If a mother get disability and her biological sons lives with the father, would the child qualify for disability?

  • Tina_stroud1

    If a childs mother gets diability but the child lives with the father do they qualify in the sate of kentucky?

  • Uchstms94

    Can a child that is drawing off there parent for social security disability still work?

  • Marilynguajardo

    My ex husband gets disability ssi and my kids are living with me. Are my kids able to qulify for it also?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      There are no auxiliary benefits for SSI. However, it is best to check with SSA to verify the benefit program the father is receiving to see if there are any benefits for the kids.

      Good luck, Marilyn!

      • Nelsonedkk

        Can a father who gets disability take care of his child with his benefits

        • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

          I am not aware of any limit on how an individual can use his/her benefits. 

          • Hionmillers

            hi  my dad was get ssid before i was 18 i am now 26 n never got a dime when i was younger am i able to file for the check i should have gotto

          • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

            All I can say is contact SSA ( 1-800-772-1213 ) and see what they tell you. Good luck!


      Yes, because he’s still their father and he should also be paying you child support.

      • URIEGAS

        Correction, if it’s SSD then they should get their share, but if he gets SSI then they don’t get anything except child support money.

  • Muffinofpeace

    If you were a child(minor) of a disabled parent who was receiving benefits and you also received a check, could your parents take that money and do whatever they want with it or was the money that you were receiving rightfully yours?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      I don’t know. Give your local Social Security office call. Would you let us know what they tell you?


      It is money to help out, but you have the right to get some of it and save it, but be sure you don’t have it, when you turn 18 because the Government will want it back for not using it.

    • Faithhonestyhope

      Hello. I wanted to respond to you because I was a minor when my mom began receiving aux benefits for me and she wasn’t giving me anything and I thought this wasn’t fair, so I contacted social security myself to get answers. I was told by 5 different reps that as long as I was a minor and she had bills there was no way to fight what she did with the money (just as long as the amount of her bills were consistent with the checks.) So if the rent was $600 and food, lights and other bills equaled to $600, and the checks totaled to $1,200 this meant the checks were well spent. They said because my mom took care of me, and because the things I described above were necessary for me to be taken care of, then it was enough to prove the money was spent on me. I found it to be a crock of B.S. especially when she had the money to do other things that weren’t necessary, but since I was a minor I couldn’t do anything about it. 

  • Kelsie

    Okay my dad is disabled Nd has been I was talking to this lady she said I should be recieveing money…. I dont know how to apply or go about things

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Your local Social Security office can walk you through the process of checking to see if you are eligible for auxiliary benefits. Give them a call. Good luck Kelsie!

  • Donovanbowen88

    I stay with my grandma and grandpa my dad pays childsupport to my mom but i dont stay with her and she claims me and am about to turn 18 in 1 month and still in school who will get it


    My son is disabled ( severe diabetes ) and will never have a job because of his disability, so he wants to apply for benefits since I am under SSD. He can do it, if he isn’t 22 years old yet, so he better do it now and he’ll have a chance since he would apply before the age of 22. Would he get as much as my check or a % like children under the age of 19 that are still in school is the question of the day?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      I don’t know how SSA calculates disabled adult child benefit amounts. Sorry. 

  • Cinthia

    so my son’s father has bipolar, schizophrenic, & mpd. and I’m about to get my child evaluated because he keeps abusing himself. Since his father has them 3 disabilities & is in & out of jail is there a way I can get benefits for my son?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      A child can receive SSI benefits based on their own disability – which may apply in this circumstance. 

      And even not disabled children can receive auxiliary benefits if they have a parent who is disabled and receiving SSDI. 

      Give Social Security a call 1-800-772-1213 to see what benefits your son may be eligible for.

      Good luck Cinthia!

    • Cinthia

      Thank you!

  • Pls065

    Do you have to report/claim auxillary payments on taxes?

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      I discuss taxability of Social Security disability benefits here: http://www.socialsecurityinsider.com/2009/10/are-social-security-disability-benefits-taxable/

      However, that is not tax advice. You should check with your tax preparer for a definitive answer.

  • Cwilliams_48

    my two children get disability benefits from their father. when we were together he had a vasectomy, he since has remarried and let his new wife get pregnant and he put his name on the birth certificate, he then put this child on the case to get benefits, is this legal..shouldnt it be a blood child?  i find this not fair as the child lives with him and he gets the benefits.

    • http://planet10tech.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      As you already know, an additional child can reduce the amount of auxiliary benefits paid: http://www.socialsecurityinsider.com/2011/06/what-happens-to-my-childs-social-security-benefits-if-my-ex-has-another-child/

      Also, adopted children *can* receive auxiliary benefits if the adopting parent is disabled: http://www.socialsecurityinsider.com/2010/01/can-adopted-children-receive-social-security-benefits-because-of-parents-disability/

      In the case of adoption, the added child could reduce the amount paid to other auxiliary beneficiaries. 

      I can’t tell you if what is going on is legal or not in your specific set of circumstances. I encourage you to contact Social Security with your concerns.

  • Adavidson

    My kids get SSI from their dad, who does not live with us.  Can I claim the kids on my income tax form as my dependents and they still will get their SSI payments?  We have shared custody legally, but they actually live with me.  He has claimed them in the past, but I think I should be able to claim them.  I don’t want to do that if they will lose their SSI, but I want to get the tax exemption for them if I can.

  • Gpearson55

    My son is divorced, has shared custody, and is managing conservator of my grandchild. His ex-wife is receiving SSDI. Can my son apply for payments for my grandchild, off of his ex-wife’s SSDI. Also, I’m not sure if his ex-wife is receiving a check for my grandchild off of her SSDI or not…but if she is…would my son still be able to apply for it too? (My son is primary care taker of my grandchild, and his ex-wife gets every other weekend and 2 hrs. on Wednesdays)

  • Alexiel46

    My father is disabled , i receive a check each month  becuase of this, do I have to live with a parent to receive this check or can i live on my own and still get the check?

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      An auxiliary beneficiary does not have to live with the disabled individual to receive benefits.

  • Danielle Sapienza

    what is my child lives out of state with their mother?

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      A child does not have to live with the disabled parent to be eligible for auxiliary benefits: http://www.socialsecurityinsider.com/2010/06/social-security-auxiliary-benefits-for-children-in-a-separate-household/

      • Claudia k.

        What if parent is receiving benefits for a child not living with her and keeping the money for herself

        • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

          Take a look at Social Security’s information about payee responsibilities: http://www.ssa.gov/pubs/10076.html
          If you believe benefits are being misused, call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 or contact your local Social Security office https://secure.ssa.gov/apps6z/FOLO/fo001.jsp

  • Latara Thomas

    I live in the state of Virginia and I am getting Title 2 disability benefits. My children began receiving aux benefits as soon as I began receiving payment. Then a half year later, my husband who also lives in the same house as us began receiving title 2 benefits under his own record due to disability. At first the social security office lied and said my children can only get benefits under 1 record no matter if both parents are disabled and receiving their own benefits and then after doing countless hours of research and learning that was a lie I contacted them and they began paying my children under their father’s record. Here is my question: I have read that the family maximum is to be combined if both husband and wife are together in the same household, and both receiving social security Title 2 benefits, (Social Security Code of Federal Regulations Section 404.403) is this true? If so, are children are supposed to receive 1 half each parents benefit amount just as long as it is within the family maximum? 

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Hi Latara. It’s a good question. I asked around to try to find an answer. Here is the answer I got: “If both mom and dad are receiving T2 benefits, the payment is paid from the record with the larger PIA. If the full 50% benefit is not paid due to the family maximum, Social Security must do a combined family maximum. They add the family maximum from each record together and that becomes the new family maximum. There is also a dollar limit on the amount of a combined family maximum and it is based on the limit for the year the maximums are first combined.”

      • Latara Thomas

        Hello Tomas. I want to thank you for your reply. So if what you are saying is true, this means social security owes me over $14,000! Now, I am going to have to try to fight to get this money and I know it isn’t going to be easy, but I just got a letter in the mail from social security saying if I want to have my case heard in front of an ALJ I have 60 days to appeal. THANKS!!!!!

        • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

          You may want to call Social Security Advice Online. They are a national company made up of former Social Security managers. Note: this is a private company not affiliated with the Social Security Administration. 

          I believe they will be able to crunch the number to see if SSA would owe any money. They are considerably cheaper than working with an attorney on something like this. You can reach them at http://socialsecurityadviceonline.com and (513) 860-5924 , (513) 779-7439. 

  • Anne Estelle

    If a parent is receiving social security disability and their children are getting payments – can they legally stop paying child support and just let the disability be paid for the child

  • Tilli

    Can a parent be collecting Social Security for a child that does not live in the house with them?

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Take a look at Social Security’s information about payee responsibilities: http://www.ssa.gov/pubs/10076.html

      If you believe benefits are being misused, call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 or contact your local Social Security office https://secure.ssa.gov/apps6z/FOLO/fo001.jsp

  • brenda

    is an adult child who is attending college who is a dependent  of a parent recieving ssi eligable for any kind of health insurance?

  • Jmoudbier

    My son receives SSDI benefits from his father who is disabled. His father does not live in our home. I have applies for disability myself and am unsure if my son will also receive benefits from me now also?

  • derrib

    Hi I receive and disability payment for myself that is about 1200$ a month my son gets about 600$. My wife is pregnent and due in June how to I fiquer out how much my new child will get per month.. Thanks

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Call Social Security.

    • answerguru

      i believe they split the benefits for children half and half.

  • Scottirvin42

    i am on disability. my son recieves money because of that. i am wondering if my step son would be elegible also?

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Possibly. This section of the regulations deals with step-child entitlement: http://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/cfr20/404/404-0357.htm 

  • Confused

    If I am approved for SSD payments and live at home with my husband and son, will my husband be able to get family benefits like my toddler son will? My husband has been taking care of us both but does not have a high paying job. I read that a spouse taking care of the child can receive benefits but I didn’t see if that still applies to a spouse who lives with the disabled spouse and child.

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      It sounds like you are looking for information about mother’s and father’s benefits: http://www.socialsecurityinsider.com/2009/12/social-security-parents-benefits/

  • RG

    I am disabled and my son who is a high school senior will also receive benefits for a few more months, can he work without losing his benefits?

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Social Security does not require that children who receive auxiliary benefits because of a disabled parent be unemployed.

      • RG

        Thank You


    Hi…. I just got approved for SSD. I am married with one child and so I know my child will receive a payment that is 50% of my monthly payment. My question is this…. My husband works but only makes $500 a month, Will my husband receive a spouse payment (my disability took me out of full-time work so our income took a nose-dive, as his income is what I previously stated) ??? He is NOT unemployed but he only makes $500/MONTH ($6000/YEAR). Will he get a payment because of my disability that is 50% of my monthly payment (like my son will because of my disability) or does his having ANY (although a very small amount) income disqualify him from a spouse payment because of my being disabled? Thanks so much for reading and responding, I could use some knowledge from someone who has been there and done that. Thanks!

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      The non-disabled parent’s income is not an issue for mother’s and father’s benefits. Take a look at http://www.socialsecurityinsider.com/2009/12/social-security-parents-benefits/


        Thanks for your response (and original response)! I initially thought that you did not understand my question; however, now, I do see where you answered it. We all live together, so I was not sure if both parents could receive monthly benefits because of one parent becoming disabled (I thought the article only put it in a way where only one parent could be paid based on caring for the child.). Technically, I do not truly take care of my sons needs… my husband cares for both of us. I thought because the child lives with me, my husband would not be able to receive payment for caring for him (since I would be receiving monthly benefits for my being disabled). From my understanding (which is very minimal), I would receive my SSD monthly benefit and my husband would receive 50% of that amount and also my son will receive 50% of my monthly benefits amount; as long as this total number is within the family maximum. But in the end, I just wanted to know if my husbands income, coupled with us living all under one roof, would disqualify him from receiving a monthly benefit amount 50% of my pay. Thank you for your response…

  • Dixee3

    My husband is receiving SSDI and my son receives auxiliary benefits. Is there a limit on how much money we can have in a savings account and my son to still receive auxiliary benefits?  I know there is no limit for my husband to still receive benefits, but I didn’t know about the auxiliary benefits

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      I am not aware of any resource limits which would prevent auxiliaries from receiving benefits. However, to be safe check with your local SSA office or call the toll free SSA number 1-800-772-1213.


    Just wanted to add the response I got from my SSD attorney’s office regarding my question I posted here 6 days ago. I was told that my husband will not receive an SSD check for caring for my son because he is not my dependant. Can you provide me with any resoning behind why you said he would be able to get benefits? My husband takes care of both me and my son. As you stated and as I read your reference link, I thought he would qualify because he is in fact the caretaker of my/our son. Please help me to know the right questions to ask my attorney because if we are able to get any benefits for my husband as well, I sure don’t want to pass that up…. we really need it. Thanks 

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      There was a “I need your knowledge” who commented 6 days ago under a different handle and email address. If that is you, I did not say your husband would qualify for auxiliary benefits. 

      I can see that you want your husband to be eligible. However, I can’t say if he is or is not.You mention that you have an attorney and that great. Your attorney knows your case. If you believe your attorney may be wrong about your husband’s eligibility, talk to the lawyer and possibly talk to Social Security. They can resolve the dispute based on the facts of your case. 

      • Just Me

        That was me… thanks for reply. I took your comment to mean “the issues I presented was not going to disqualify him for benefits”… which is correct. However, that is how I gathered that he then would be eligible. So, I’m sorry for miss quoting you. You tend to hear what you want, when you really want something to be so… but I am trying my hardest to hear clearly. I have an appointment to apply for benefits for my son. At that time, I will revisit the subject and hopefully get benefits for my husband as well. My angle is this… “My son is listed on our taxes as a dependent of my husband…. I am also listed as a dependent under my husband… Since in this way, my son is not listed as my dependent, then my husband should be able to get benefits for being his caretaker… no matter if we all live together or not”… But we will see. I will update this post with the answer when it is all said and done. Thank you again for your ear, information, and patience!  

        • CURIOUS

          for “just me”

          I am wondering on your out come. you may have to seek out an att that does ss AND human rights.

      • Just Me

        My husband was NOT eligible for any benefits. He was not old enough and was not my dependent. I could look into the rule under “one-half support” but I won’t because I’m tired and I’m just glad to be getting anything. I am going to go about my way and try to pick up the peices…

  • Margarit

    My mother receives SSDI.  She didn’t meet her quarters before becoming disabled.  Would her children if under the age of 18 be entitled to money from her SSDI approval?

  • Tgoetz

    My son is disabled and receives SSD at $700 per month.  He has two children and is only paid $45 per child ages 2 and 3.  It has created a real hardship on our family trying to support the two kids on $90.00 a month.  As a caregiver to these children is there any other options to supplement the costs. 

    My husband is 67 and just started receiving SS.  Of course he is still working because we can’t afford for him to retire. 

    Thank You!

    • christie

      i receive disability also & my 2 young kids get a small,36.00 a month each,check.i am asking for a review because i have seen that children of a disabled parent should get up to 50% of the parents benefit as long as it dont exceed 180% of the parents benefit amount,i think someone mis caculated my childrens amount so i asked for a review,havent heard anything yet but maybe your son should do the same.good luck i know how hard it is to support a family of 4 off of 800.00 a month,very hard:(

    • unique

      If i have temporary custody Of my niece but her mother is still receiving her ssi income Whats steps can i take to have it switched

      • jojo

        go to office and make the report, soon then u will get the benefits 4 the child. ty. as they told me, one who is caring as got custody gets the money, its law,

  • Jenada Caldwell

    My sons father pays has been ordered to pay $10 a month for child support.The child support office said that this because,he has been deemed as disabled. But his family says that he does not get a disabilty check. So how has he been concidered disabled.

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      There are many different disability programs, both state and federal: Aid for the Needy Disabled, VA, Workers Comp, etc. They all have different requirements and standards of disability.
      An individual could be disabled for one of these and not disabled for Social Security.

  • carolyn pringle

    can a child get both parent social sercury

  • Leo

    I am disabled and my son is receiving over 500 dollars because of me being disabled but now they are taking over 500 more for child support leaving me with just over 300 something isn’t that like paying double cant they do that?

  • tara

    Hi my brother is has been disabled for his whole life and has been receiving ssi since he was 8. my mom past away and he received small about of her ssid . if his father is receiving ssid is my brother able to receive a apart of ssid from his father?

    • tara

      I am sorry he is 39 now?

  • struggling mom

    I was told by dcf that my son can’t receive any benefits from his father because he never worked and receive social security. I dont know what else to do because he refuses to do anything for his son.

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      As noted in the article, “It is important to remember that auxiliary benefits are only available if the disabled parent (disabled mother or disabled father) is receiving Disability Insurance benefits. There are no auxiliary benefits when the disable parent is receiving Social Security Title 16 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.”

  • Sarah

    Hello, I’m 16 years old, my dad is on disability, I also get a check because of him being on it. If I get a job, would I still get the check every month?

  • momof3g

    If I recieve ssd for me and my daughter do my other 2 children qualify for benefits as well?

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      If one child is receiving auxiliary benefits based on a disabled parent, the other children often may qualify as well (so long as s/he meet the requirements described in the post). Examples of where a child would not qualify is if the child is over 18-19, or married, then s/he would no longer qualify.

      For specific information about whether your children qualify for Social Security auxiliary benefits, I encourage you to contact Social Security.

  • Megan Booker

    Can my child recieve a check if the father was diagnosed with schizophrenia? He does not work and it is very hard to raise three kids alone.

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Is the father on Title 2 Social Security disability benefits?

      For specific information about your children’s eligibility for auxiliary benefits, I encourage you to contact Social Security 1-800-772-1213.

  • Sky

    So I am receiving benefits because I have a disabled parent. What exactly are the benefits used for? For example, is it to be spent on necessities for me or is it for bills?

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Hi Sky,

      Take a look at Social Security’s information about payee responsibilities: http://www.ssa.gov/pubs/10076.html

      If you believe benefits are being misused, call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 or contact your local Social Security office. You can find your local Social Security office here: https://secure.ssa.gov/apps6z/FOLO/fo001.jsp.

    • jojo

      i believe that money is for u as u caring 4 them. As way u spend it is on u..

  • cwe

    I am about to get SSID have been divorced 10 years my ex has legal custody of my children, yet they have lived with me for six years. Would my ex get their benefits. Do I need to file for custody so I receive those benefits for the children?

    • Lilmissopinionated1

      That is what I wonder, too. I was told to call a Social Security Office and ask. My ex husband has been on 100 percent disability now for a while and he mentioned that he would be able to apply for the kids to get some money, too. He asked for their info, etc. He never told me how it went and I don’t know if he is getting their checks. I have full custody of our kids (always have) and wonder if I should be getting those checks. It would make sense that I would, since I do have full custody, but I am not sure. I will be calling and inquiring soon, because times for us are getting tougher and we could use that extra help since he is not able to help due to being on a fixed income now.

      • jojo

        they only give the money to one who as kid in is home, of course if have custody makes it better 4 you, then if have joint custody any of u can get but child still needs to live with u to get such benefits, ty,

    • jojo

      yes need to go get such custody. as i was told, one who as child gets the money, if u have kids home then u need go let them know, but then if have joint custody, just need report it living with u n money be send to u, as money is for kids support not other to spend it on self, ty,

  • captainswife

    My father has received ssd and ssi now for over 20 years and im 30yrs old now am i entitled to that back pay they never sent me

  • Johnb27

    In my home both parents are collecting ssdi. One person gets $1687 and the other its $ 825 Who gets to claim the dependent children? How does that effect the family maximum. The way I did the math it would appear that the dependent children would collect nothing.Please help thank you.

  • sandra morgan

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  • Don’t want IRS issues

    Since the SSI payments are not taxable but SSD payments are, how is that done? Will SSD send a 1099 form?

    • pgquate

      Only the amount over $50,000 in one year is taxable on SSD.

  • Englishgirl23


    My son has a learning disability sever learning disorder apd/ combined with severe short term memory issues.He had supports from pre -k until he left in 11th grade.He could not function without supports .That was i applied for his benifits a year ago.

    I received a letter from ssi stating that

    We had your case reviewed by someone else as you asked. It states we still find we were correct in denying your case by the facts etc. I am summing up the answer they gave me. Also it states in the area below that the following.

    why we cant pay you area .

    You do not qualify because the facts we have do not show you are john doe’s child.

    My x is passed away now.He signed our sons birth records after the hospital because we were not married at the time.He is listed as the father on all the records in the hospital etc. I just need to know is my son being denied because of the 2nd reason or first?It seems as thou they are using the second reason to deny my son.

  • Muscle man

    My children were getting their share, but once they hit the age of 18 the money was divided among the rest until the last child gets the total at the age of 18. My daughter will continue to get hers until May of 2015 since her Birthday falls on 09/27/14 and she will be a senior from 08/25/14 until 6/03/15

  • DennisD

    Hi, I’m a vet with a VA rating (no SSD), my adult daughter is disabled from birth and now after receiving SSI for 7 years as an adult (she lives with me) is being requested to file for VA benefits. Can anyone help me understand what it is I need to accomplish this task? SSA stated her SSI will stop in August.

  • confused

    HI I am very confused with this ssdi. My ex just got on SSDI after being on SSI for 2 years. After owing 44,000 in child support I get a check, and all the sudden I get another check for 5000? All child support can tell me is , it came from social security? how can that be? child support at that time was only 600 a month. Would you know where they got the money and if I would or could receive another one? Thanks just trying to get some facts

  • Thomas McKintree

    Can a child whose parents never married collect from his disabled dad

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Marriage isn’t a requirement for proving paternity.

  • Tina

    If my daughter’s father receive said and is behind on his child support. Will she receive a auxiliary benefits as well as child support

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Apples and oranges. SSA auxiliary benefits and child support are two different things. Auxiliary benefits do not always change child support obligations. My understanding is that modifying child support obligations requires a court order (but I do not handle any kind of family law cases so I encourage you to check with a family law lawyer in your state).

      • pgquate

        My daughter receives SSA auxiliary benefits and child support from her father. The amount of auxiliary benefits she receives has been reduced by the amount of child support he pays. She turns 19 next week but because she is in a five year high school and will not graduate until May of this year she will continue to receive auxiliary benefits until then. She will receive her last benefit in June as they pay a month behind.

        My question is this: This month I will finally have the new hearing I won in June 2013. It will be five years in March since I applied for disability. Will she still get auxiliary benefits back pay from me as she was under 18 almost the whole 5 years? Or can she not get it because she already got it from her dad?

  • ciara

    My husband will receive 1025/monthly ssd and we have a 2 year old i am wondering how much our son will receive? We havent been approved yet but they already seen his medical records he has spastic dysplasia and we are hoping we get approved soon how long is the wait?

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      The rule of thumb for auxiliary benefits is they are generally up to 50% of the primary insured benefit amount. So if the disabled person gets $1000, they may be up to an additional $500 to spread equally between all auxiliaries.

  • Jackie

    My fiance and I live together and have a 4 month old child together. My fiance receives SSDI/SSI and is now working. Our son was added but is not getting benefits because they’re all going to my fiance. I am not currently working and am the sole caregiver of our son. Should I, or my son, be receiving a check? I don’t think SSI realizes we’re living together because they have non of my information aside from my name on their copy of our lease. It just seems odd to me that my fiance has to support two people and $0 was added to his check since our son was born.

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Minor children and a spouse (who takes care of the children) may be eligible to receive aux benefits if the disabled individual is receiving SSDI benefits. HOWEVER, did I understand that your fiance (the disabled individual) is now working? That could be a problem all on its own.

  • Anita

    How do I find out if my daughter should be receiving a check. Her father cannot work due to health issues. We are separated and have been for 9 years.

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Call your local SSA office or the national line at 1-800-772-1213. Social Security will not tell you what the father’s status is. However, they can address the minor daughter’s eligibility.

  • Wendy

    My 12 yo son receives SSI. I received a letter from the SSA stating my son’s SSI is getting reduced due to the fact he receives VA compensation. He does not receive any thing of the sort. After going around and around with the VA and SSA, I find out the compensation in question is in his father’s and step-mother’s names. (He does not have custody and sees him once a year. )SSA told me I needed a letter from the VA stating my son is not receiving any VA compensation. After numerous attempts, I received it and gave it to the SSA. It fixed it for a month and we are back with the same letter stating his SSI is getting reduced due to VA compensation. It’s an ongoing cycle. I appeal it. They say it is favorable with the appeal. Then, 2 months later, I receive ANOTHER letter. How do I end this vicious cycle?

  • Christina

    I just started receiving SSDI and applied for my daughter. She is supposed to also receive a lump sum back payment and I am very confused as to what I am allowed to use it for! I can only find info on how SSI is allowed to be used and since she’s not disabled, the rules make no sense. For example, can I use the money to catch up on bills?

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      I can’t track down an answer. I can only direct you to Social Security: 1-800-772-1213.

  • Dolores Garcia

    I have a question in married and my husband is getting ss for himself and my daughter my daughter isn’t disabled but my husband has our daughter on his check we r separating and my daughter is leaving with me he doesn’t want t ok give me her part what am I suppose to do if he doesn’t give me her part when we move out thanks

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      I’m trying to figure out what you are saying… Let’s cover the basics. Auxiliary benefits go with the child. The disabled individual does not have to “sign off” on the benefits continuing to go the child when the child goes to live with the other parent. If there is a problem with a child’s aux benefits reaching the child’s household, SSA should be notified and they can correct this.

      Note: aux benefits to a child are separate from any other obligation a parent may have in a divorce such as maintenance and support. Sometimes the court will consider the aux benefits being paid, but not always. It depends on state law and the judge’s choice. However, family law is not my thing, so that that with a large grain of salt.

    • jojo

      u must go report in office, then child will get her benefits.

  • Grant

    If both My Girlfriend/Wife and I file for SSDI, can my children get auxiliary benefits from both of our SSDI accounts? Will my girlfriend/wife get my SSDI spouse auxiliary benefit, even if she is receiving SSDI? Will I get her SSDI spouse auxiliary benefit, even if I am receiving SSDI? We can file SSDI as individual or as married? We are not ceremonial married, but we are common law married if we claim to be. According to our state law. Of course we don’t have to claim married with the SSA if its not going to increase our SSDI benefits. We can claim non-married and file individually, if it increase our total household SSDI benefits. The way our family dynamics is setup: My girlfriend/wife and I don’t have to claim all children either on our SSDI application. My girlfriend/wife can claim two children and I can claim one child. Factoring this in to my questions. Which way is the best way to file to increase our monthly SSDI benefits? Married? Non-Married? Can our children get SSDI benefits from both of us? Should My girlfriend/wife claim two children and I claim one child? This would be all legal. Our family dynamics are unique. Please reply and let me know whats best. I can’t find nothing online. My issue is apparently unique. I wouldn’t think it would be, but I guess it is. Thank you.

  • jenianne

    i have a 19 month old daughter and her father receives disability. she was birn december 2012 and he didnt get put on the birth certificate til this year. she got a lump sum for january 2014 through july 2014 but what about 2013? does she not get anything for that whole year because he kept blowing off paternity tests and/or signing he affidavit?

  • Luis Acevedo

    My fiancé who is 20 and currently in college just recently lost her father who was receiving disability checks. She has three older sisters (by a different mother) in their mid to late thirties who are all married. Her three other sisters advised her to stay in school because her fathers checks would continue to come as long as she stayed in school. The kicker is that her sisters had the checks split up between the four of them. My fiancé also lost her mother at the age of six and has no direct relatives left. The situation doesn’t seem to be very ethically or legally just. Is this a situation you have encountered, what is your opinion and what would be the best course of action?

    • jojo

      she shall go in office and make report of it, her sisters not in tittle of such money as that is 4 your fiance support.

  • Awilda robledo

    will like some help here 2 years ago I receive a letter from ny child support about some information they think they owe me money fill out the letter they send me and take it to a notary i did and a few week later they send me a 500.00 check after thatfew month later My step daughter call me and told me his father who is or was on SSD got into an accident on the building he live and won the case for 75,000 and the he receive a letter of his lawyer staying that 38,000 belong to me for back money areas he owes my step daughter told my is father told her to ask me when i get the check to cash it and send it to him because was his money I took copy of the check send it to her and told her this is what they send me and hat I did’t know was for that then never herd from them again on april 2014 I got a check in the mail from ny child support for 4,500 my children from him are married and on their own i cash the check gave some to one of my daughter who need money since she is a single mother with 2 children few week later i got a letter from ny child support staying they was going to send me a ny debit card I live in Philadelphia pa so i got the debit card and since then no money on my card I call them and they told me there is a balance of 28,889 I told them is being 4 month and no money they told me to go to family court in ny i went and explain to them he is on SSD and and I dont get child support from him like 20 years because he is disable they told me there is a balance there he owes areas and that money belong to me and that the parent send 4,500 on april and none since them I explain to them about his accident and the money I got was not voluntary from him and maybe that was money from the accident he got they send me that money they tell me they dont know how he got that money when he owes back areas they told me that money he owes stay there until he paid that balance Idont know if he is on ss since he is 70 years now they gave me some paper to take to ny family court in manthan since the file was there not on brooklyn just want to know if he is on social security how he is going to pay the 28,000 he owes plus my children are grown and why they send me a debit card since he is not sending money his adress on file saying he moves to virginia but he never went there he still lives in brooklyn he was planing to move with his daughter to virgina change his adress but change is mind and left his home adress as if he live in virginia you think I should go and take the paper to family court or leave it like that thank you in any help i can get

    • fddnmd

      If he is 70 yrs old now, he is probably on ssi not ssdi. If he was on ssdi the child support agency should have sent a notice of withdrawl to Social security. If he is getting ssdi they should be able to collect from him but if he is on basic ssi due to his age is what I suspect, then all you can hope for is another accident settlement. You can petition the court to have him jailed but that is a decision forthe judge to decide. If you know for sure he is on ssdi then your local child support agency should be trying to let social security know he owes you money in back child support. That debt never will go away until he dies.

  • Natalie m

    If my husband is disabled and I work and make a decent salary, are our children entitled to benefits?

    • fddnmd

      If he is on ssdi then yes they are. Call social security and make your kids an appointment to get on their dads ssdi. They offer phone and walk in appointments. Be prepared for a couple month wait for an appointment.

  • RainyDay

    My husband is set to adopt
    my son. My husband receives SSDI and is not working. I am working and make more a year than my
    husband. would my son be eligible to receive auxiliary benefits in lieu of my
    husbands SSDI? AND, is the
    half-support calculation considered for adopted children? Thank

  • Jenn Gray

    My daughter’s father owes almost $14,000 in back child support. He text her a few weeks ago and told her that he is now getting disability and that she should be getting a check monthly from now on. We haven’t seen or heard from the SS office at all. What do I need to do to get her receiving something, and how long does it take to start receiving benefits?

    • fddnmd

      Contact your state and county child support agency and let them know he isrecieving ssdi. They will then send social security a withdrawl notice for back child support. Then call social security and ask for an appointment to put your kid(s) on their biological ssdi. They will ask you tons of questions so have you childs ss # and yours handy. They will ask the fathers ss# too but you dont have to have it. Just his full name date of birth his parents names. I am going through this process as we speak. Child support said when I am able to get my child on her dads ssdi it will offset current child support and they will send a new withdrawl to social security. You should recieve 2 checks for a while. One for your child on his ssdi and another for back child support feom which they deduct a percentage from his ssdi for back pay. My appointment is November to put my kids on het dads ssdi. They require her ss# and birth cirtificate to complete thisprocess. I hope this helps you.

    • ray

      You have to contact your local office and apply for benefits for your child yourself. I know this because my husband has just recently been approved for SSDI we have our two minor children and he has a child that is a teenager outside of our house hold. When I applied for children’s benefits under him I mentioned my step son (outside of the home) and they stated the parent that has the custody must apply for benefits on their own. Good luck and do it as soon as possible your child may also be entitled to back time pay as well.

  • Kimberly

    So I am 21 and a senior in college, but during my senior year of high school 2010-2011 social security disability sent a supplement for me for my step-dad and my biological father. My step-dad had been disabled for years and I lived with him and my mother. My biological father sent child support. When he got social security disability, he got a supplement to cover his child support. When this was approved, my step-dad called to verify that this was allowed and they said that it was. Now Social Security is saying that I owe $13,000. I have an appointment to get this waived and want to find written information on a similiar situation.

  • Kobydumplings

    Hi There, I am confused. My husband has a disability (eyes and shoulder) and is an older Father (very late 60’s) of our daughter who is in college. I am still able to work. Can my husband and our daughter both receive SSI as long as she is in college? He received help while she was in High School.

    • Ray

      I have been dealing with my husband’s SSDI, along with attorneys, i’m the one that originally filed for him, handled his case, and did extensive research on the topic. Therefore, I will try and answer your question, but I may need to clarify a few things first. To answer your question….Does your husband receive SSI or SSDI? They are two total different things. SSI (is like a type of a state/federal program) when the person didn’t earn enough credits and didn’t pay enough into their social security disability benefits to earn enough working credits to qualify for SSDI. Then, they can qualify for SSI but there are no benefits what so ever available to a spouse, or dependents (at all). Under SSI benefits are only available to the person whom is physically, or mentally disabled.. But, yes if it is SSDI a child typically qualifies for a check off of the disabled parent. However, they can still receive benefits even at the age of 19 if they are a full time student. Hope this helps.

      • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

        Good response Ray. However, the child needs to be a full time student in secondary education (high school). If the child gets married, drops out, graduates, or ages out, the auxiliary benefits stop. Benefits do not continue into college. The exception to any of this is if the child is disabled.

      • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

        Ah. Just saw your second comment and you covered this point too. Good work Ray!

    • Ray

      The child is a full-time student at a secondary school and is under 19 years old. The school must provide education only until 12th grade; a child enrolled in college is not considered to be a full-time student for the purpose of receiving these benefits. Benefits will usually continue until graduation or two months after your child’s 19th birthday, whichever comes first. Found this on a legal website while researching some other information. Figure I would share it.

  • momms

    My daughters father gets a ssd and ssi combo payment the court told me to apply for dependent benefits for my daughter I did she was denied they said her father did not work long enough and her was receiving all the pay out if he is incarcerated and they stop his benefits could she get a check because he is no longer getting it his child support is taken from his ssd will those also stop if he goes to jail

  • roxanne

    can my step son get ssi benifits from me hes six and ive been with his dad for two years but we just got married

  • rosebud

    My married x husband claimed he supports both my adult daughter 30 and grandson 8 when applying for ssi to recieve more money. None of which is true. She signed nothing gave no permissions etc Neither live with him only she stayed for about 3 months He was approved etc. She just started new job Will they catch him falsifying etc??

  • Dleem

    How do I find out if my daughters father is trying to collect SSI for her. We were never married and she has never lived with him. He opened a disability claim.

  • Christey Messer

    My daughter is in stage to get adopted out (not my choice) will she continge to get benefits from me

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Good question. I don’t believe a child being adopted would continue to receive Social Security auxiliary benefits from the birth parent. This is because if the situation was reversed (a child was being adopted by a disabled person) the child would then get benefits based on the adopting parent’s disability. That is assuming eligibility yadda-yadda. For specific information about this, I encourage you to contact Social Security directly.

  • Aa117

    I am 17, living with my grandmother. My parents are divorced and my dad is disabled. Is my part of his disability check suppose to go to me or my mom?

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Social Security disability benefits are to be used for the disabled person’s benefit. Your local SSA office can go over what the benefits can and can’t be used for.

  • George

    If daughter lives with mom and I recieve ssdi can I have her removed and not have her get a benifit? Also will her payment get divided between my other children

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Children are entitled to receive auxiliary benefits if a parent is disabled (on SSDI). There is a “family maximum” (plug that into the search bar for more information), and each person gets an equal share. So, 4 auxiliaries split the pie 4 ways. But, none of this reduces the disabled person’s benefits.

      • love child

        My daughter was approved. disability but was tillage cannot be paid any benefits because the money on record is already being paid to her father who receive disability also so how can she receive disability she also receive said been disabled since birth diagnosis wit cereal palsy low birth 700 grams

    • Jodi Mickay

      I do not believe you can remove a child from entitlement. call child support and see about a modification in child support order if you have one.the childrens derivide benefit from your record may satisfy this. yes benefits split equally between all YOUR children and that’s only fair!

  • katelynb

    I have 3 kids whom I am trying to get child support for, from there father who resievs SSI. Can they take money from that evenbifbthats the only income he gets. he has no job and only receive ssi. I need help .

  • Michele W

    Hi. I am a non-custodial mother who pays a menial amount in child support on one child who receives an auxilary payment from his disabled dad. I have recently been deemed disabled by the courts. Is my son entitled to receive two auxilary payments from his divorced parents if both are receiving SSDI? Will I continue to have to pay child support out of pocket if I collect SSDI? Would my disability attorney or myself handle this issue with the SSA? Thank you.

    • Vic

      Your son will not get 2 checks but the amount of the check will a combined family maximum until he turns 18.

    • Jodi Mickay

      No not combined if there is only one child involved. your child will only get the higher of the two benefits. seems unfair! I totally agree. call ssa on your own no need for an attorney

  • Tijuana

    Hello, I recently gained temporary custody of my son, until we return back to court and make it permanent due to me moving out of state. My son was living with his father and his father is still receiving the SSI benefits for my son due to the fact that I agreed in court that he could keep the funds for one year (court agreement), now I’m wondering if I made the right decision. Can I contact SSI department and report this, so that my son can receive his benefits?

    • Jodi Mickay

      Call you should be able to ask court for a modification. reason being change in situation. I would not think you could ever agree WHO gets your SONs ssi in the manner you state sounds illegal! For SSI is a means tested welfare. program and paid to children WHO are DISABLED to aid in meeting their needs.

  • Jennifer

    are the child’s benefits retroactive in anyway?

    • Jodi Mickay

      Call ssa my childs was, did you apply for them?

  • Sleepy_Soldier

    I’m disabled receiving ssd and I’m divorced. My ex has full custody. Do my children still receive S.S.D. benefits payment?

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Children do not have to live with the disabled parent to receive aux benefits. To see if your children should be getting benefits, contact Social Security directly.

    • Jodi Mickay

      They should. call ssa.

  • Gregory

    In my family, one parent is drawing social security disability and claims two children as dependents. The other parent will soon be claiming “veterans pension”, it is another form of disability. Can the same two children be claimed as dependents for the “veterans pension” claim, as well as the social security disability claim?

  • Vic

    I have recently been approved for ssdi. I have three children who already receive auxiliary payments from their father with whom I am divorced from and lives In a different house. Will they be entitled to receive two auxilary payments? Also my son is disabled and recieves a reduced SSI payment.

  • pretty

    Hi my daughter father receive ssdi my daughter receive ssi she been disabled since birth she has cereal palsy I receive a update saying she can be eligible for more benefits would it stop her benefits and if not will degree get back pay

  • Jamie

    Hi I first applied on 5/30/2013 denied 7/15/2013 filed appeal same day 7/15/2013 hearing date in front of ALJ 11/17/2014. Fully favorable decision on 12/8/2014 onset date is 7/15/2012.
    I’ll recieve SSI for only 2 months at $733 per month till my SSDI kicks in which is $827 per month. I’m married and also have 3 kids so I’ll be getting back pay

  • daisy

    I have custody of a child that is not related to me and both parents are disabled. Social Security tells me the child cannot draw any money from either parent’s disability. They say one has not worked enough and the other would need to be dead first. Does this sound correct. The child is 12.

    • Jodi Mickay

      No. unless both are on Ssi. I would contact your States child support Agency.

  • jocie138466

    My dad is disabled and I get an ssi check from that. I am 16 and eating to work. Can I work and still get my ssi?

    • jocie138466

      Wanting not eating

    • Jodi Mickay

      From your dad is he on ssdi I assume so if you get a derivived benefit. you can work though I believe there are limits to what you can make. call ssa. I too think the threshold is high enough to where you would not lose your benefits as long as you remain in school

  • Lisa Skelton

    i get $123 a month for my son whose dad id on ss for ocd. Do I have to claim that with my tax return?

  • jraz

    I was receiving a check from ssd for both myself and my child…. my child now lives with his father and I have weekend visitation mandatory by court. should my child’s check still be coming to me or is the custodial parent entitled to my child’s check from my ssd

    • Jodi Mickay

      I believe its the custodial parent. if you have to pay child support. ask for a modification for this aux. could fullfill that. anyways the aux. is for the child.

  • Susan E

    Hi Tomasz
    I have a workers comp case and was advised for file for social security disability due to permanent injuries. I have guardianship of my daughter since she was 5 months old and she is 4 1/2 years old now. Is she entitled to my SSD benefits.

    Susan E.

    • Jodi Mickay

      If you are approved forfor ssdi (title ll. disability) yes your child will recieve an auxilary from your earned. record. the payment usually goes to the custodial parent. and its 50% of your benefit.

  • Elizabeth

    I recieve ssd benefits. I also recieve a small amount through a long term disability insurance provider still. I have two small children i have been required to apply for benefits for (aux) by the insurance provider in order to reduce the amount they pay out monthly to me. They are requiring i pay them back the difference from my back payment and cutting monthly. Since this money is technically my daughters and i must track how it is spent on them, is that legal?

  • Makomva Naome

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  • rachel

    my daughter gets child support out of her dads check is she still entitled to her own benefits?

  • dee

    Does anyone know if I receive SSDI and my child receives Survivors benefit’s from her father,that passed away (we weren’t married legally) is she allowed to receive auxiliary benefit’s from my SSDI also? Because For some reason I thought she was,and she had to go live with my sister for awhile,and when she came back to live with me I don’t remember if she had them?And I am confused,is the auxiliary payment coming out of my payment?Or is it plus my payment?Because if this is the case I haven’t been paid since 2008.So can someone please answer me this,would really appreciate it.Thank you,Because,she just turned 17 and I would really like to be able to help her with a savings account,or even a car.To get her started in life.

    • Jodi Mickay

      This is a struggle here for they say its dual entitlement and they can onl be paid the higher of the two benefits. for I too am in this situation. only child is getting aux. from my ssdi and though entitled for survivors from her dad (who pd child support) they will not pay because my record is the higher. I see this as totally UNFAIR for now we lost him and all the financial burden lies soley on my earnings! thought in U.S. a child had a right to financial support from both parents! they do. not seem to stand by this morally right!

  • Ladi Holiday

    I’m not sure what I was trading . So I get both SSI and ssdi I guess my children are able to get benifets based
    of my disabilities? I’ve been on disability benefits since I was 15 it’s been 15 years in it.half my life literally. So does this mean I can apply for my two children and not struggle so much?

  • Sherri

    I applied for social security benefits for my daughter, because her father is on SSDI. Her application was approved and I was told the monthly amount she would receive, however that is pending until his other daughter’s mother replies to them. It has been 2 months, and they are getting no reply- phone or mail- from the mother or from him and they’re telling me they cannot approve my daughter’s application until they do. So does this mean that my daughter will never get benefits until they hear from the other daughter’s mother? What recourse do I have?

  • jen

    if a parent is getting back pay or retroactive check and the child is going to receive and check also do they get a back pay just like the parents

  • Guest

    I am receiving ssi disab. Benifts. I have received them for 17yrs. My son is turning 18 in April. Ssi has stopped dependents benefit last month and since has started to pay my son prior to his 18th birthday . Ssi sent him a letter stating he would receive 3 months benifts starting end of April until he graduates in June . He received 1st check today.
    I thought they would pay me until he was 18. He is a full time student and lives w me. How is he eligible to receive benifts ? 3 months benifts is a blessing esp for a young man. Just want to be sure it is Not a mistake .

    Is this from auxiiliary benift ? Can you clarify how he is eligible.

  • Sheena hall

    My sons father gets social security through the state not off of the money that he put in so I’m wondering if my sin is eligible to get a check he tells me he isn’t but I think other wise they closed his child support case where he was suppose to pay 343 a month so he gets off of paying for his son

    • kamhart

      Yes he gets iff from paying! I have a 15 month old daughter whos deadbeat sperm donor recieves SSI and the Child Support Enforcememt Agency diamissed my case….Hes now off the hook for taking care of his child forever….18yrs!!!! Im disguated!

      • Larry Walker

        Great im about to go through the same thing with my dead beat ex wife egg donor. I don’t see how that is fair to the children.

    • Jodi Mickay

      Hmmm I think They can maybe do something if you had this order before he started getting ssi though not real sure. maybe your son will get ssi based on need… check with ssa and child support maybe a lawyer too! I have read soooo many of these laws and court rulings its insane!

  • jesee5678


    • Jodi Mickay

      Ssi has no benefits for children like ssdi (which is from work and paying into ss vía taxes) ssi is welfare. have you a child support order for each of your kids? if not get one! thou im no expert thats what I believe.

    • kerry

      You have to had worked ,we pay into our ssi, you must not have worked enough to build up your ssi. I am only 50 and have been disabled for 6 years, I get 1360.00 and my minor son gets 680.00 but mind you I worked and made good money. That is why your amount is so low. Sorry about your situation

  • Shannond48183

    I have been on disability since 2010. Right away I filed for my son to receive benefits through me. I was quickly denied and have been numerous times now Social Security told me that I would have had to make at least $10,000 and over for children to even be eligible. As I sit here filing years of my SS paperwork, mind you I’ve kept every single letter, I am finding out that my son did have an actual account and even have letters proving his benefits stopping once he reached a certain age???!!! I called SS of course but the gentleman became angry and refused to explain saying that I had to have my son on the line to speak of these issues. Well he’s in the Army and what can you possibly have to say to a young man that knows nothing about Social Security??

  • eve

    My son is 28 and mentally impaired. He is getting disability from his father and when his father had a baby they took money from my son’s check. I was informed he is about to have another child will they take money away from my son again?Is there a way to appeal due to hardship for my son. He cannot support himself with another deduction.

    • Josie

      Hi Eve, I am totally not an expert but I am pretty sure your son WILL get a reduction again. The season is there is onlt so much that is allocated for the children of the disabled. So every time another child is claimed the money gets divided so it can be split evenly to each child. This is not something I think you can appeal. But you can try to get your son approved for disability due to his own condition. Hope that helps.

    • Jodi Mickay

      Agree with Josie, also you can go to child support and have a judge help in the support order and he/she can deviate from the norm based on your sons Medical needs. and make father carry Medical INS. ect..

  • Beth Cano

    I am unmarried but allowed unfortunatly to give my daughter her fathers last name. Long story short he is no good. My daughters father is disabled. My daughter is 4 months old. I applied for auxilary payments from his s.s. check and was denied because he had already applied and is receiving her money, yet never provides any support and does not live with us. Isn’t this fraud for my daughters father to use this money for his own personal gain? There has yet to be any child support order but I thought she should get an auxilary payment that comes to me as I am the custodial parent and be able to use it for her. My main question. Isn’t he commiting fraud?

    • PaC SGM (R)

      I believe that he is, check with your local office and ask them to be sure but the funds for the child are for the child not his personal gain.
      I have read two different things one is that the money belongs to the child and must be put into an account for the child and the other is that the money can be used for the house hold that supports the child, you need to check both as one other thing was that people had to pay back their kids account when an audit was done and shortages were found, IF that is the case your EX PITA will have his check garnished until the monies are returned to you/child account.

    • PaC SGM (R)

      BTW you should if you have not already file for child support as the monies are the child’s not yours, chances are if he doesn’t have any other income coming in then the SSA benefits will be the child support you get.
      Good Luck

    • Jodi Mickay

      Not sure of the crimminal aspect of this but how slimey can one be? when you applied and They told you he was getting it already They did nothing?! seems They would have made you the payee of the child for this. I don’t understand! I would go back to SSA and ask to speak with a mánager, and I too would go tell the child support people. if all fails call a lawyer! or your States Attorney… this is not right…

    • kerry

      Yes go to social security office asap money is for her not him.

  • Susie

    My son get money from his dad’s ssdi. And now he is having Another child does that effect my sons monthly amount

    • Jodi Mickay

      From my experience yes it does. depending on ‘his’ family maxium. However, if there is a child support order he will have to pay the difference unless you or he goes for a modifaction to that support order. sorry, I know it stinks!

    • kerry


  • jessica

    my son’s father used to get ssi until he got deported can my son still recieve it?

  • Nicholas Lee-pickle Whitworth

    My fiance and I have custody of our twins, I pay all the bills plus medical expenses and provide the things they need, we all live together, I’m the disabled one currently drawing benefits, will I be considered as the payee in this instance?

  • bob

    if my stepson gets child support from his father in Oregon who is getting disability from the va does the child get benefits also?

    • kerry

      Yes if he is a minor he should be getting dads ssdi. Dad may be getting it and not telling you go to social security office.

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  • Beverly

    Hi I was approved for ssi for being disable. I also applied for my own ssdi and my deceased husband ssdi . I have two minor children. My daughter recieve her father disability who is still living. My son recieve his father payment which is deceased. Can they recieve any payments from me as well if I go with my own ssdi. In other words can they recieve payments from two different parent as depends. Is there a cap for payment amounts.

  • Alexis Mason

    I became legally disabled in 2013 and my child receives SSI, but is not disabled. He is getting a part time job and is a full time student in HS. Will he lose his benefits I receive as income?

  • osu34

    I’m on SSDI and about to have twins in a few months. Me, the father will my check go up or will my twins recieve a check? If so, how do they figure out how much it wil be? Or do i need to apply for them as soon as their born? Thanks in advance. Need all the help i can get