Furloughs (further) delay Social Security disability decisions


We all know Social Security cases take too long. Well, get ready for more delays! 

In spite of increasing number of new claims for disability, Governors around the nation are requiring disability examiners (the very people who make the decisions in Social Security cases) take unpaid furloughs. 

The nation’s top Social Security official says benefits for tens of thousands of people with severe disabilities are being delayed by furloughs and layoffs of state employees around the country. ….

State officials have announced furloughs, layoffs and hiring freezes to help balance budgets battered by the recession. 

The cutbacks come as disability claims are rising because of high unemployment, the weak economy and the aging of the baby boom generation.

The Social Security Administration expects nearly 3 million new disability claims this year, up from 2.6 million in 2008. Each month the agency pays $12 billion in disability benefits to more than 13 million people.

Dr. Dann said he had to take off every other Friday. “I can review about 20 disability cases a day, and I am off two days a month,” he said. “So I do 40 fewer cases a month.”

via State Cuts Delay U.S. Benefits, Official Says – NYTimes.com.

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