15 pages decides your Social Security disability case?

San Francisco disability attorney Geri Kahn wrote about her experiences with providing records to Social Security:

Before filing a new initial claim I always order the records and then submit them directly to the Social Security field office immediately after I have filed the claim electronically.  I recently was at an interview in one of the field offices in San Francisco and the claims representative told me that he could not accept the records I was submitting because he was only permitted to fax 15 pages to the state agency disability  examiner.

Since you need to prove that you are unable to work to win a Social Security disability claim, Social Security often uses disability examiners to get a medical opinion of what a person can and cannot do.  Disability examiners use the medical records Social Security provides to make this decision.

Then, Social Security uses the disability examiner’s opinion to decide if your condition(s) make you disabled.

Limiting the number of pages sent to a disability examiner, and to 15 pages no less, is ridiculous. 

That is barely a sliver of the amount of information in most cases.  It’s like deciding whether an individual is disabled by seeing if they can walk down a hallway.

Fortunately, most cases get a much better review with judges at the hearing level. If you are denied on your initial application, do not give up. Appeal!

via California Social Security Lawyer Blog.

  • rhonda

    I filed for disability 5yrs ago, finally, i hired an attorney this January. The hearing was scheduled in August, my attorney got food poisoning the day before, cancelled his flight and filed for a continuance, it has been over 4 mo. w/ no word from ssa, or attorney. i have severe back pain and from an injury caused on job while working my 11th yr. with the state of TX, to no fault of my own..I am single, and have a daughter that is now 8 yrs old, i cannot care for myself at times, and sometimes need help with her, i am at the end of my state financial benefits, and decided to call the hearing judge of my case to see what i could expect as far as amount of time to wait for another hearing, after short discussion, the secretary instructed me to call my attorney immediately and ask him to file for a dire needs case, so i did, my attny. was obviously unhappy that i phoned the judge, and now i am afraid of retaliation by my own attorney. this whole thing sucks, and i am feeling more and more helpless ….at my wits end!