Social Security disability benefits and borderline age cases

My previous article discussed how Social Security makes it easier for people over 50 years old to receive disability benefits, even if they can still perform some kind of work.

I am 49 years old! I am about to turn 50. Isn’t that close enough?

It might be. If you are within a few months of an age when the Social Security rules change (50, 55, 60), ¬†you might have a “borderline age” case.Using the example above, if you are 49 years old and within a few months of your 50th birthday, ¬†Social Security may apply the rules for 50-year-olds to your case. This might make the difference between being approved Social Security disability benefits, and being denied!

However, you need to be aware of the borderline age issue and bring it up to Social Security, or to the judge, if you are at the hearing level.