Restarting Social Security disability after incarceration

Social Security may be able to restart your benefits after you are released from incarceration (jail or prison). Click here for more information on whether you may be able to resume benefits vs having to start a new claim for benefits.

If you are eligible to resume your benefits, here are Social Security’s recommendations to get your Social Security disability or SSI benefits as quickly as possible:

If possible, you or the prison should contact Social Security before you are released. As soon as you know your scheduled release date, ask if the prison has a pre-release agreement with Social Security. If so, the prison may be able to contact Social Security for you.

If they do not have a prerelease agreement, contact Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and give them your Social Security number and your expected release date. A Social Security representative can provide further instructions and make an appointment for you at the local Social Security office if necessary.

After you are released, you will need to furnish Social Security with proof of your release and the date of release. Depending on the circumstances, Social Security may be able to have your checks started effective with the month after the month of your release.

Click here, for more information, or contact your local Social Security office.

  • jersey

    I was incarcerated for 3months then released for 20 days went back to jail for another 3mnths.then they .stopped my benifets i reapplaied for my benifets iits been about 40 days and no respond now am homeless and no more po box to receive mail how do i know if am eligble or benifets again

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Some options include calling the local SSA office to check the status, changing the address to a friend or family member, or switching the mailing address to general delivery.