Social Security disability benefits and home monitoring

Will your Social Security benefits (Social Security disability insurance – SSDI, or Supplemental Security Income – SSI) stop if you have to wear an ankle bracelet or other type of home monitor?

The answer is no. Social Security does not consider in home detention as “incarceration” which would normally stop payment of Social Security benefits to the disabled individual.

So, having a home ankle monitor will not stop your Social Security benefits.

  • Disability Claim

    Does it matter if you had committed a felony?

  • Thea Hoste

    A person has been indicted falsely accused of juror tempering, will soc. sec. benefits stop because of the indictment?

    • TomaszStasiuk

      I have not seen anything specifically on the topic of an indictment. However, the general principle behind stopping benefits during incarceration is that the state is taking care of the individual’s needs and expenses during that time. So, the individual should not require money for “living expenses” from Social Security. The touchstone is incarceration.

      There is an exception for “fleeing felons” there, the idea is that the state should not provide living expenses for someone trying to escape incarceration.