How to Request Medical Records for Social Security Disability

Whether you are trying to get Social Security disability benefits without a lawyer or working with an attorney, you may have to get your own medical records.

Episode 2 of Disability Tips walks you through how to get your records from your doctor’s office including the following:

  • When to request medical records?
  • What medical records to ask for?
  • How far back to go?
  • How to save your hard-earned money when requesting records (and especially hospital medical records).

I also discuss how to use a free HIPAA complaint medical records request authorization (link to pdf).


This is based on the same authorization my Colorado Social Security law office uses! I have added form fields so the authorization can be completed online, as well as printed out.

Feel free to use this authorization if you feel it may help you on your Social Security disability case. I am making it available via a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial use license. So, it is fine for personal use.


Image provided by GetRefe.com.