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Mistakes and pitfalls in Social Security disability cases

Today’s Disability Tips reviews the mistakes and pitfalls that can occur when you handle your own Social Security disability case.

Oh-ho-ho! There are some doozies here!


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  • Shandy Elliott

    Considering all the information and help out there dealing with suggestions on how a claimant can better prepare themselves and strengthen their claim, where can one find help and information when it comes to holding those involved with developing and adjudicating you claim accountable when they continue to make mistake after mistake which compounds resulting in denial after denial? Who is watching over the “watcher” so-to-speak? Other than the Appeals Council remanding a decision with instructions for the ALJ which he in turn ignores, where can a person go for help when their own representative becomes part of the problem? I compare my own problems with one who cries to the system for years to pay attention to a particular issue, but then three years later when the system finally catches on and pays attention to what you have been complaining about, they simply say “why didn’t you bring this up before?” It’s like no matter what I do, everyone around me keeps making mistakes yet no one wants to be the one to step up and correct them. I’m afraid I will end up in the land of federal appeals simply because simple mistakes were not corrected from day one. What about all the time wasted in the meantime? Is there a service in which can view my claim as a “second opinion” to let me know if my concerns are valid?

    • Teena Gomez


      • Rhonda Huffman

        I am going through the very same thing 5 min. Into first hearing judge
        Found me disabled,it was just a matter of how far back to go for back pay. Four months later I get unfav. Dis. Letter with over twenty errors
        Made by them. The dr. Looked at my case and denied on a paragraph
        Written by a dr. From two yrs. before. Lawyer says I should have got
        On dis. The very first time I applied we have a huge notebook of many
        Symptoms and tests two are genetic tests that show I have several
        Deletions ,extra chromosome and herizoety issues genetic dr. Says I have a rare disease can never be cured or treated and I am in a wheelchair except in house use walker progressing to electric wheelchair quickly as I’m alone at night and need help with everyday
        Living. Keep getting more and more symptoms the worst is my right club foot severe pain and unable to walk on I know this is the end of being able to walk at all and wheelchair for rest of life I was told it would happen just didn’t know when other bad issue is extremely low
        Blood pressure which is being monitored it causes extreme fatigue
        At times I sleep a day or two and can’t wake up or I just pass out for several hrs. But I want to know same thing who is really paying attention especially to cases like mine the errors were made by them
        Yet we are left to suffer cut down on meds that are needed cut down on groceries to put gas in car for husbands work and pay house and utilities and med bills do they even realize those of us who are truely sick are suffering because of their mistakes? My husband was barely making are finances work,then he got huge blood clot from groin to his toes his dr. Said couple more days he would have been dead so now we have no money and even more bills which I could have been able to help with had they just paid attention to my case! I have twenty yrs. work experience and am entitled to that money,not a hand out a hand up that’s all I’m asking for we are trying to get dire need papers together but by dec 31 2014 if nothing is done. Lawyer says we have to start all over again does not seem fair at all when we did nothing wrong
        All the mistakes were made by them. I don’t have the energy or the money to start all over again! Praying in Indiana for a miracle!

  • Teena Gomez

    I’ve been shorted by several hundred dollars by side and I have sent the requested letter describing terms of trust for the Mobil home I live in. I have been separated since 2003 and do not receive a cent nor have I ever, even when I raised 3 boys alone! But still I receive the same amount which worker in SSDI office says is wrong. I can’t live like a pauper and my older service dog’s mess are $225 / mo! I have just about $400. after vet to save for my badly needed dental work, food and a few bills. I can’t go above $75. per week for food!
    Why is this passed by year after year yet at same time friends receive $850.+

    • TomaszStasiuk

      The amount a person receives largely depends on the kind of Social Security s/he is receiving. SSDI is based on how much a person has paid into Social Security. SSI benefits are based on the Federal Benefit Rate but can be reduced from there. More information:

      • Teena Gomez

        I should be getting $800.-$840. But some how they seen to have a brain freeze as they think I’m getting $$$ from Philip but I don’t and won’t ever! He has even written to say he sends me nothing, but he is paying back a loan he got from my mom but just having double knee replacement surgery, he is still off and with girlfriend living and I’m… Well I’m still here Sportif!!!