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Wait Times for Social Security Disability Hearings

How long you have to wait to get your Social Security disability hearing is one of the most common questions I receive in my Colorado disability law office. Each disability representative has his or her own experience with the wait times. However, you do not have to rely on knowing a disability lawyer to get the Social Security hearing wait times. You can use the same information attorneys use!

Social Security has two reports showing you how long you may have to wait. Hearing wait times are from the time you file your appeal (requesting a hearing), to the time your hearing may be scheduled:

The first report shows you Social Security wait times by number of days (and also includes the number of cases pending at that office):

The second report shows you wait times by number of months. The second report is also useful if you know the Social Security hearing office “site code” and want to see which office is working on your case. You can do a search for the site code to which office it corresponds to.

For example, if you get a document listing the site code as T0Q, you can find that it refers to the National Hearing Center in Chicago.

You can also go directly to the Social Security web site for updated hearing wait time information: here and here.

Image provided by Victor Hanacek.