Can you get both Social Security disability and retirement benefits?

Can you add Social Security disability benefits to your Social Security retirement benefits? What about if you are already disabled and are approaching retirement age. Will you still receive Social Security disability benefits?

Unfortunately, the answer from Social Security is, no.

Once you reach retirement age for Social Security, if you are already on Social Security disability, your benefits are converted into retirement benefits. If you are already receiving Social Security retirement benefits, you are not eligible for additional disability benefits from Social Security.

See Social Security for more information.

  • carolyn

    I am on ssi and going through a divorce I am on the deed and have not been living with my ex’s prime residence does ssi know about escrow monies till I see a ssi lawyer?Originally we were trying to find a way to do an alimony buyot and I was gonna buy a home outright no mortgage Now i am short quite a bit of money. Frustrated that he depleted the monies with a live in ssdi gf tenant while Iv’e been too sick to follow through.House was in fear of foreclosure and currently contract being negotiated dont even know if i can sign that so confused and sad. please help

    • http://stasiukfirm.com/ TomaszStasiuk

      Your divorce lawyer should be considering how the divorce will impact your SSI eligibility. Give him/her a call.

  • Dee

    Can you get disability at 56 years old and how can I claim survivors widows benefit

  • Donna

    I have a daughter that draws her daddy ss. She had a baby in dec 2014. She is disable and has never worked can her child draw any monies?