Can you get a good Social Security disability lawyer?

Here is what is happening today: Social Security is denying more and more cases. Since a Social Security disability lawyer only get paid if the case is won, the increasing denial rate is making lawyers look to other areas to pay the rent and keep the lights on.

Any time you want to kill something, make sure no one can make any money doing it.

The happened previously with VA benefits. Fees for representatives used to limited by a Civil Way era law. Talk about having no Cost of Living Adjustment! The upshot was, finding a lawyer to help with a VA matter was rarer than hen’s teeth.

Competing with the Mega-Store whales

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Colorado medical record charges

Colorado used to have a nice simple formula for the maximum (reasonable) charge for medical records. $14 for the first 10 pages, $0.50 for pages 11 through 40 and $0.33 for every page after that. It was a bit more for patient representatives, but on the whole you knew what you could expect. It kept the lid on offices that wanted to charge you an exorbitant fee for a “records review” before releasing records. Or copiers that wanted to change $1 a page just to copy records. Well, now that’s all gone. Continue reading Colorado medical record charges

Winning Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are applying for Social Security disability benefits, it is because you have run out of other options. You may have tried doing lighter work, or changing careers, or even tried going back to school. However, you find that you are still not able to work. You don’t want to apply for Social Security disability benefits. You don’t want to deal with the bureaucracy, the forms, and waiting for more than a year for your disability benefits. But, you do not have a choice! And since you paid into Social Security your entire working life, it should be there for you when you need it?

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Social Security Disability for Kidney Disease

Kidney disease & renal failure often qualifies individuals for Social Security disability benefits. The fatigue, dialysis, and memory issues can make any kind of work nearly impossible! One of the fastest ways to be approved for Social Security disability benefits for kidney disease is if your condition meets the requirements of Listing 6.00 for Genitourinary Impairments (information about children’s disability for kidney diseases is available at Listing 106). Adult impairment of renal function is discussed at 6.02. Here is what you need to know:

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Can I Get Social Security Disability if I have …

This week’s Disability Tips goes in depth on several of the “am I disabled” questions that frequently come up:

  • I’m hurt, can I get Social Security disability benefits to go back to school?
  • I can’t get hired. Am I disabled?
  • I can’t do my old job. Am I disabled?
  • I can’t do my regular well paid job. Am I disabled if I can only do a minimum wage job?
  • I can’t get hired because of my criminal record. Am I disabled?

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How Social Security law firms REALLY work

Ever feel ignored by your Social Security disability lawyer? Or, can’t remember the first thing about your case?

  • What happens after you hire a Social Security disability lawyer or law firm?
  • Is your representative really working on your case?
  • Has your case been outsourced?
  • Who gets to see your medical records?
  • What does an attorney do between appointments?
  • Who’s really worse: lawyers or used car salesmen?

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Mistakes and pitfalls in Social Security disability cases

Today’s Disability Tips reviews the mistakes and pitfalls that can occur when you handle your own Social Security disability case.

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Overlooked Social Security evidence

While medical records are the main source of Social Security disability evidence, lots of people stop there. The sad truth is medical records often are not enough to win disability benefits.

And, if you have no health insurance, you may not even be able to see a doctor (and medical records may not be an option). So, whether your goal is to strengthen your disability claim, or you need alternative sources of evidence, you may need to think outside the box.  Continue reading Overlooked Social Security evidence

Bridging the Social Security Medicare waiting period

If you have been approved for Social Security disability (Title 2 – Social Security Disability Insurance), you already know Social Security Medicare health insurance does not start until you receive 24 months of disability benefits.*

While this waiting period includes back period months, many people still have to wait a year or longer to become eligible for Medicare. So, you have some money coming in from Social Security. However it is not enough to get private health insurance. And, you may be getting too much in monthly Social Security benefits to be eligible for Medicaid. So, how do you bridge the Social Security Medicare health insurance waiting period? Continue reading Bridging the Social Security Medicare waiting period