How to diagnose fibromyalgia

It can be very difficult to win Social Security disability benefits based on fibromyalgia. However,  it can be done!

While Social Security no longer considers fibromyalgia as a “imaginary” condition, or a “junk” diagnosis, you still need to make sure the diagnosis of fibromyalgia is backed up by medical findings.

I have reviewed many medical records which mention fibromyalgia, but don’t say how the doctor made the diagnosis. There is no mention of physical examinations or findings. ¬†Social Security may throw out the diagnosis because of a lack of medical support.

Without a diagnosis, all you have are symptoms and Social Security cannot approve disability benefits on symptoms alone.

This can stop a case dead in its tracks!

So, what do you need to properly diagnosis fibromyalgia? Continue reading How to diagnose fibromyalgia