SPEEDING UP Social Security disability benefit processing after a win

Congratulations! You have won your Social Security disability case and have been approved for SSI!

You have read my article about when you should get paid.

But, weeks have gone by and you still have not heard anything from your local Social Security office about your benefits.

Is anyone working on my case?

Is there anyone there?


Don’t you wish there was something you could do to speed up Social Security? Well, there is!

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Super fast Social Security disability benefits

One of my readers asked:

I had my hearing 2 weeks ago in Denver. The judge made an immediate favorable decision. My lawyer told me that most people get their benefits before they even receive the decision. I’m waiting patiently.

Congratulations on the win!

I have written about how long it takes after a hearing to get a decision, as well as my experience with how long it takes to actually get the benefits.

Personally, I have never seen benefits paid before the receiving a decision.

However, I have started to see some cases where a client receives a letter from the local Social Security office scheduling an appointment to process benefits before the decision is delivered. Clearly, the Judge’s office is entering the decision and Social Security acting on it immediately (and kudos for that), while the decision takes a few days to be delivered by the post office.

This does not happen all the time. In fact I have only see this is a small portion of cases and only on SSI cases. This makes sense since the local office only processes benefits (after a win) on SSI cases. Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefit cases are processed by a regional payment center.

Unfortunately, in many other cases, it takes four to six weeks after the decision before an appointment is scheduled at the local Social Security office. Since this may cause a hardship, it is sometimes possible to get a case expedited for dire need.

The Social Security disability hearing decision says my case will be reviewed in 12 months

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In some disability decisions, the judge ask Social Security to review the case, sometimes as short as six months, sometimes the judge asks for a review in a couple of years.

I thought you said that most Social Security disability cases were for “open” disability — where there is no foreseeable end to the disability.

Compared to a “closed period of disability” case, that is true. In a closed period case, either you, or the judge, picks a date when your disability ended, and it is always a date in the past.

Here, the judge expects your condition will improve in the future and you may no longer be disabled.

This does not mean your benefits will automatically end. However, Social Security will review your case to see if your disability continues.

  • If your disability continues, your benefits may continue as well (assuming there is no other problem to cause your benefits to stop).
  • If your are no longer disabled, your benefits will probably stop.

As in every Social Security disability case, it is vitally important to keep treating even after your have won.

If you do not have a supportive doctor when Social Security reviews your case (and almost all cases are reviewed at some point), a Social Security doctor (who has never seen you) or a Social Security technician may decide based on your limited medical evidence that you are no longer disabled.

Save yourself a trip to Social Security – Use SSA Online!

Use the web to make solve your Social Security problems

Before you put yourself through the drudgery of going down to your local Social Security office, check the Social Security website to see if you can take care of your problem without going in.  

There are a lot of things you can take care of online. Continue reading Save yourself a trip to Social Security – Use SSA Online!

What happens after Social Security finds you disabled


What happens after the Social Security disability hearing

After waiting months (even years) to get your Social Security disability hearing, and then months more to get the decision, you finally have it!  Social Security has found you disabled. It is “Favorable” (either Fully Favorable or Partly Favorable).

Ok, now what? When do my Social Security benefits begin?

Here’s the thing: Social Security disability cases have two parts:

Part 1. Deciding if you are disabled? That was what the hearing was about.
Part 2. Deciding your eligibility for benefits, the benefit amount, and the amount of back benefits if any.

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I won my SSI case, now Social Security want to pay me in installments?!?

A lot of things happen after you approved for Supplemental Security Income benefits.

First, Social Security needs to review your financial eligibility.

Second, Social Security must reimburse the State for any interim assistance you received while waiting for your SSI decision. In Colorado, the interim assistance program is called Aid for the Needy Disabled (AND). This means that if you received AND and won your Social Security SSI case, Social Security will first repay the Department of Human Services (Department of Social Services).

Third, Social Security pays out your back benefits in installment payments. Continue reading I won my SSI case, now Social Security want to pay me in installments?!?