Overcoming a spinal injury

Watch this inspiring TED talk by Janine Shepherd. While training for the Olympics, Janine suffered a spinal injury after being hit by a truck. With a crushed L1 vertebrate, Janine underwent bilevel fusion. Listen to her inspiring presentation on her recovery and how we are more than just our bodies.

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When to help a blind person?

Here’s a great video from Blind Film Critic Tommy Edison answering the question, when do you help a blind person in public?

It all comes down to:

  1. Take a moment to observe the situation.
  2. Does the blind person need help?
  3. Offer to help. Do not just grab ahold of the blind person.
  4. If you are helping the blind person, they may hold on to your elbow as you walk slightly in front of them (this helps them feel you go up and down stairs, ramps, curbs, etc).

Milo, Kinnect and the future of therapy

I previously wrote about the “Milo & Kate” demo for Kinect (at that time “Project Natal”) for the XBOX 360. The possibility of using a program like this for therapy seems obvious for teaching empathy or helping autistic individuals practice picking up on body language or facial cues.

Here is a recently released video from TED showing off the development in this software over the last year.

Frankly, the “gamey” elements are the most distracting part of the video. I don’t see the need for stars and points climbing up the screen when the draw is the interaction with a virtual character.

Roger Ebert’s new voice

I just have to post this. I know many of you will probably have already seen this, either on Oprah, or around the web. But, as a huge fan of the way technology can make a difference in disabled* individual’s lives, I just think this is so cool and amazing.

*Of course, I am not trying to say that Roger Ebert is disabled. Even the loss of speech has not kept him down and he certainly has continued to be as prolific as ever.